Insights from the comments section

I want to share a couple of comments regarding the Lenormand in the Mini Celtic Cross layout

Response #1

A surprise or a secret being revealed from a distance-
having to do with a lovely, good friend of yours (Bouquet+Dog) – being that the Bouquet is also the Queen of Spades, it made me think that you might find out that she’s separated…alone.. –

This has something to do with her family environment; decisions being made, but the Crossroads could also be referring to multiples…maybe her significant other, the King of Hearts has been having an affair (Queen of Hearts) – or at the very least he is torn between the two.

I think you’re going to hear of a friend’s relationship busting up over another woman….

Please do update – I’m really curious now! lol


 Response #2

I think definitely some travel here, as both ship and pathway are travel cards, somewhere out of town, or next border. It doesn’t appear to be anything scandulous as there are too many nice cards, and dog is a loyal friend. So movement away from the home, a close family member. What ever it will be pleasant.


Here are  the startling results

As a recap the image of the reading is below.
Lenormand in Mini Celtic Cross layout

Lenormand in Mini Celtic Cross layout

Most of the above interpretations by Spiritsong and Phoenix were in line with some of my own insights.  Three seasoned readers coming up with similar themes with slightly different angles.  

 Cartomancy never ceases to amaze me.

BOOK + DOG = friendly conversation lead to a discovery which included news with an offer (PATH).

BOUQUET (QUEEN OF SPADES) + PATH (QUEEN OF DIAMONDS) = 2 female business associates knowing some unrevealed business information (SHIP+BOOK) which needed to be brought out into the open in an amicable manner (DOG).

SHIP+PATH= a business proposal

BOOK= a contract which is usually read  prior to or at the time of signing.

HOUSE (KING OF HEARTS)+SHIP= the business owner  the 2 females answer to who is at a distance, not by miles, but by status.



One thought on “Insights from the comments section

  1. Hi SQ,

    Thanks for the update, it’s good to see what combinations that go together in the spread. That ship threw things a bit, didn’t it? But looking back at the draw, it’s easy to see how it actually fit together. I must take note more of the court cards, as I don’t usually, but it was a clear indication with the 2 females and the king, with this draw.

    The draws can be multi-dimensional too, as it may also indicate another scenario.


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