tutorial- Mini Celtic cross using Lenormand

Lenormand in Mini Celtic Cross layout

Lenormand in Mini Celtic Cross layout

Using the Tarot mini Celtic cross layout the Lenormand cards can be read according to the positions. There are various ways to lay the core cards in the Celtic cross. The method I use starts in the center with the crossing card. The 3 card is below, 4 is to the left, 5 is above and 6 is to the far right.

There is no question asked. Whatever the oracle wants to reveal will be shown.

Card 1- this spot will give you a basic idea what the reading is about. BOOK in the center suggests the topic will be about a situation that is not known currently. BOOK can also mean you are thinking of something which cannot be answered right off the bat. BOOK will be influenced by the crossing card. Let’s look at SHIP next.

Card 2- will the influences surrounding the secrets of the BOOK be opportunities or challenges. SHIP is neither one it’s own because Lenormand cards are meant to be read in combinations. It is a card which is generally positive. It suggests the movement to finding out what is inside the BOOK’s pages. Traditionally SHIP indicates travel heading somewhere, to a destination. A lot depends on the winds which are the neighboring cards.

If the two future cards 5 & 6 were negative then the SHIP would be in for a rocky ride or sail. Our tutorial layout has predominantly non threatening cards. SHIP related to commerce and trade leading to financial situations.

Let’s look at HOUSE to see what is at the root of these card combinations.

Card 3- here we find a reason or possible clue as to why the BOOK has appeared as the center card. HOUSE indicates family situations, the home and also the King of Hearts in this particular deck. Does this involve a father or man belonging to the family? Is it an adult son, brother or uncle?

My gut feeling when combining SHIP with HOUSE is there is plans for travel made by someone in a household or extended household (living at a distance).

Let’s look at BOUQUET to find out what’s going on currently and who else might be involved.

Card 4- in this spot which is still active but in the ending stages we find BOUQUET. A pleasant sort of card which promises happiness. Also, it is the Queen of Spades typically suggesting an older woman or one with lots of life experience. Could that be me, since I drew the cards. Normally I don’t fit the coloring of this Queen but the rest makes sense.

Ok, back to BOOK. Could I be involved in some news which has yet to be revealed to me about some travel? I wasn’t thinking about any trips and yet the cards are pointing to a situation that could very well involve someone’s travel. It can also hint at movement towards gaining information which will involve a transaction or negotiation.

Will PATH add any more to what has already been ascertained? Let’s find out.

Card 5- this position has created much discrepancy between card readers. Some appoint further future to this spot and some say it is a probable future. Since we do not have the staff of the Celtic cross in this example I will read it as the near future reserving the immediate future for the last card. PATH is obviously suggesting a decision or choice in direction. Maybe someone else needs to decide on a situation and that is why BOOK is the center card. It’s not up to me. The Queen of Diamonds is more my coloring but could also reflect an aspect of me as all court cards do. Since I did not pull LADY out of the deck to represent me and since LADY did not show up on her own, it is safe to assume that external situations will unfold without me doing anything.

The last card will tell you what to expect over the next few weeks which will lead to the future card PATH. Let’s see if DOG can solve the puzzle of this reading.

Card 6- I like to use this spot to gauge the steps or process before the outcome of the future card. DOG is a welcome sight. It tells you that the energy is friendly and inviting. DOG can be a friend or a person who has you best interest at heart. Is this what BOOK is trying to tell me? Will there be a situation coming up real soon that will offer me a choice?

Choices usually require some type of action or answer. Will I or won’t I. Should I or shouldn’t I. The crossing card is telling me that progress will be made and no matter what happens or whatever this situation an objective is reached.

Interesting. With no question in mind, the Lenormand cards are telling me I will be choosing a direction which is without too many waves as the cards were mostly favorable.

I will be sure to update this reading to share what did happen, if anything .



8 thoughts on “tutorial- Mini Celtic cross using Lenormand

  1. Hello Madame Seaqueen,

    It’s been awhile since I’ve posted..
    I’ve never used the celtic cross for the Lenormand- interesting.

    I’ll tell you what popped into my mind:

    A surprise or a secret being revealed from a distance-
    having to do with a lovely, good friend of yours (Bouquet+Dog) – being that the Bouquet is also the Queen of Spades, it made me think that you might find out that she’s separated…alone.. –

    This has something to do with her family environment; decisions being made, but the Crossroads could also be referring to multiples…maybe her significant other, the King of Hearts has been having an affair (Queen of Hearts) – or at the very least he is torn between the two.

    I think you’re going to hear of a friend’s relationship busting up over another woman….

    Please do update – I’m really curious now! lol


  2. Hi Madame Seaqueen,
    Very odd, I just finished writing a comment for this post, and it disappeared into cyberspace! I had that happen once before..
    I’ve never used a celtic cross with the Lenormand, will have to try it.

    Some things jumped out at me, that I thought I would share:

    Book/Ship – a surprise or secret being revealed from a distance, –

    having to do with a really good friend of yours (Bouquet+Dog); you might find out that she’s recently separated (Queen of Spades) –

    this has to do with a family matter (house) and the surprise might possibly be that her significant other (King of Hearts) has been having an affair (Crossroads can mean multiples/ girlfriends) with the Queen of Hearts being his new flame.

    If they haven’t separated, he is definitely torn between two women.

    That story just popped out at me – so I thought I’d share.

    Please update on what you find out, if anything. I’m curious now!

    Best wishes,


  3. Hi Spiritsong,

    What a treat and thank you for the comment.

    Your interpretation is super. I did notice the King and two Queens when I was studying the cards. Maybe it’s a friend from the west coast. I will post an update as soon as some time passes or when I hear anything similar.

    Isn’t the Lenormand deck great? So many possibilities.

    I hope you are well.

    Madame Seaqueen.

  4. Thank you Madame Seaqueen πŸ™‚
    Sorry for the double post – I thought I had lost what I had written. The Lenormand deck has to be my favorite, with playing cards right behind them:)

    I’m finally starting to feel like myself again, 6 weeks after having major surgery- nothing like being reminded of your mortality! It’s easy to take things for granted (even an appreciative person!) until you can’t move around..

    I’m looking at the world through magical eyes again πŸ™‚

    best wishes,


    • Hi,
      Speedy recovery my blogger friend!!
      Surgeries knock the wind out of a person. It is a time when nothing else matters but the air you are able to take deep into your lungs and exhale with as little pain as possible. I hope your journey in this experience has filled your heart with gratitude.
      In my thoughts,
      Madame Seaqueen

  5. Hi SeaQueen,

    I like how you’ve done this spread, i’ve been thinking about looking at another spread with the lenormand, just for fun, if you don’t mind if I use this on my blog?

    I think definitely some travel here, as both ship and pathway are travel cards, somewhere out of town, or next border. It doesn’t appear to be anything scandulous as there are too many nice cards, and dog is a loyal friend. So movement away from the home, a close family member. What ever it will be pleasant.


  6. Hello Phoenix,
    Thanks for your comment. I read your post using the Lenormand in the mini Tarot layout and liked the way your pieced the cards together.
    Thanks for the insights on the Ziguener layout. I am writing a post to share some of the feedback on these cards and it should be ready shortly. It’s always interested to read what other people’s perspectives are and as always I like to present it in a tutorial manner for others to learn
    Madame Seaqueen.

  7. Hi SQ,

    Look forward to the update, it’s good seeing how it pans out, then we can also see how cards in other positions, link together, for future spreads, that’s how I was able to see how my pyramind spread worked.


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