reading tea leaves continued

In continuation of a previous post on how to read tea leaves, I will conclude this topic with some more symbolic meanings.

I had to laugh the other day when I was drinking a vegetable mixture and looked inside my glass to see a wonderful array of symbols.  I spotted many different figures and scenes.  It was fun to do.  In fact, I notice things like that when I am in company with others because I glance at their empty cup or glass to see if anything stands out.  I don’t forward the information often unless asked.  I find that people tend to ask questions which really should be reserved for a one-on-one consultation.  After all, if you are sitting at a table and a doctor is there, you aren’t going to ask for a diagnosis, are you.  

I think anyone who is involved in one of the Divining Arts deserves the same respect.

In the other post I completed the letter N.  I am only doing a couple of symbols for each letter of the alphabet and some combination examples at the end of the post.  

Owl- in European folklore owls are a symbol of misfortune bringing bad news.  In the Lenormand cards one of the traditional meanings for birds/owls is grief which is closely related to anxiety.  Look to the symbol close to the Owl to see how or where this news will arrive.  Is it close to the handle or off in the distance on the bottom of the cup.

Oak tree- if you can determine the type of tree you see in the cup that is great.  Most likely it would be a gut feeling because a tree made up of tea leaves can look like any other tree.  This symbol is good for health issues and even better for love questions.  There is strength of character. Depending on the theme of the symbols the oak tree can be a barrier to success as well if the attitude is too rigid and unwavering.

Pig- long time association to wealth.  You can expect to be the recipient of favors and gifts.  Is there a few numbers close by?  If so, try you luck on a lottery ticket.  Look to see in what manner this luck will be coming.

Pot- and I mean the pot in pots and pans, lol.  Someone will become a burden.  This influence is very short lived in nature.  It can be equated to picking up an upset friend when you are right in the middle of watching a good movie.

Queen’s crown- You will receive a surprise visitor who plans on staying for a few days.  This symbol means being in charge of some social activities.

Rabbit- bad omen even though they look so fluffy and cute.  Rabbit brings troubles usually financial or health.  When the Rabbit is on the side of the cup opposite to the handle, it means another person you know runs into some challenges.

Rifle- all types of guns warn of unsettling news.  Once again look to the symbol next to it, is it a cross- could be news of a death.  When it is a bird of some type the news comes by mail.  When it is a triangle or pyramid the news is official.

Scissors- sharp objects like needles, pins, knives etc mean there will be an argument between two people. Lovers will quarrel and at times separate if 2 or 3 other symbols of this nature a grouped together.

Shamrock- how about some happy symbols like this one.  Very good luck is coming.  All will go your way, you get the job or the man/woman.

Thimble- traditional meaning of this symbol varies.  For a young female it means she will not marry and for a married female it means she will change residences.

Train- or something that resembles one.  Trips and journeys.  It can be someone leaves you as well especially if the Scythe symbol is close by.  

Umbrella- if you can make it out and it appears to be open you will need to protect yourself for the next 48 hours from false accusations.  If the umbrella is closed and I do think this would be challenging to see if the handle was not curved- you walk away from the slander unscathed.

Vase- excellent omen for improvements in your general well being.  You will start to feel energetic and optimistic.

Walking stick or cane- another symbol which one can see quite clearly. Expect a male caller or visitor.

Wheel or circle with lines throughout it- advancements in your career or job.  If the wheel looks like it is broken, you may get laid off or you don’t receive a contract renewal, especially if the letter symbol is next to it.  If you see a number, then that will give you the time frame.  For example, if it is a 4, expect the job changes to occur within 4 days or weeks but not months.


Zebra – this interpretation is common sense, it all depends on how you look at things.  Maybe your problems aren’t as bad as they seem.  For every bad thing think of something good.  This symbols suggests to focus on the middle of the road.

Here’s a few combinations to consider

  • owl, bucket/pail- loss of job revenue due to unfortunate news
  • rabbit, arrow, letter of alphabet, knife- severe illness or operation for a person with that initial of the alphabet
  • sword, ring, man, woman, gun- separation between a couple which ends tragically
  • cross, letter of alphabet- news of the death of a person whose name begins with that letter of the alphabet
  • woman, ring, scissors- a broken engagement, wedding is called off
  • astrological symbol of mars, ladder, lion- a huge promotion for this man into a powerful position
  • book, bee- great time to get your book published, it will be a hit
  • clover, bridge, train- opportunities in foreign lands, travel in pursuit of work
  • hat, bouquet of flowers- a second marriage or marriage late in life
  • bells, church, ring- a wedding

It truly is amazing how one’s destiny can be seen within a cup.  Learn the symbols well and practice.  I think tea leaves reading is a very creative way to hone your psychic skills.

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