Tarot trio layout

The eternal Tarot trio layout is one of the best to use when you want to zoom into aspects of a question. Our friend Veronica who seeks a consultation every once in awhile is wanting to know about the renewal of a work contract. Yes it’s that time again. So far, in her readings the accuracy of the various card systems used has proven to have a good track record.

There are different position associations and I will use the following for the purpose of this work related reading. I am using the Morgan Greer deck to illustrate this post and to display the magnificent artwork. I bought this deck when it first came out and damaged some of the cards when they were to close to a candle. My replacement deck does not feel as good quality-wise as the original cards.

1. Influences surrounding the question- THE MOON. It’s always a good idea to pay heed to Major Arcana cards which show up. There are higher powered energies involved in this question. The Moon asks us to address how we actually see the situation. Is our subconscious mind playing tricks on us?

Veronica should be aware that not all appears as she imagines. Perhaps she is fooling herself. The road between the towers in the image suggests she should pick an emotional direction which is more balanced.

Sometimes our fears get the better of us and suddenly we see or feel things which aren’t really there. But they feel so real to us that we begin to believe it is our reality.

2. Current process. This spot can reveal your fears or hopes- 4 of SWORDS. Veronica can’t do much about accelerating the answer. She will have to wait. During her horizontal position she has many thoughts going through her mind. The armor is protecting her vulnerability but it is also preventing from absorbing the visual clues which are at her place of employment.

The wolf from the Moon card is on the same side as the 4 of Swords suggesting some raw expectations which are fear based. Instead of worrying that the contract will not be renewed Veronica should focus on the reverse. The hanging swords are strategically placed & associated with the number 4- something solid.

Swords are thoughts and swords are also painful experiences. There is no evidence of movement or change in this card or in the current process. All seems very still.

3. Most likely suggested result- 8 of PENTACLES. This card is a good omen. It favors her contract will be renewed. The image clearly shows that there is more work to do because not all the pentacles are completed.

That’s a huge jump from a 4 to an 8. Both being even numbers is positive as well. The pivotal numbers 5 and 7 were skipped which means there might not be any forewarning to the decision made. Luckily for her she will be spared the struggles. The man in the card faces to the right- into the future with no other cards after him.

The Moon + 8 of Pentacles often depicts working late into the night. I don’t see this combo interpretation in this layout although I have seen it in others.

Veronica should stop thinking about her contract renewal. She should also avoid thinking negative and remain cautiously optimistic. The last card does not mean lack of working.


UPDATE- Dec 12.

Veronica has announced she will be getting a contract renewal. The 8 of Pentacles says it all.  The MOON hid the conditions of her contract which ended up being additional responsibilities which could very well over exhaust her (4 of Swords).




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