reading tutorial using Lenormand oracle cards


The cards in the above image are from the Oracolo Lenormand (Lenormand Oracle cards, Lo Scarebeo).  It is a reproduction of the 1890’s deck.  The colors are softer, images simple and there are no standard card inserts.

These cards are part of the full board layout.  I chose this section to focus on the cards surround the lady #29, second card in the bottom row.

When the lady/gentleman card lands on the bottom row it means that many events are in progress already. There will be a  natural unfolding that will occur which puts the person more in the back seat of life’s situations versus in the driver’s seat.  Basically, external influences which we all get caught up in which are not really our own doing to some degree.


The cards above the lady will reveal what is on her mind or weighing down on her currently.

SCYTHE- there are some very penetrating thoughts on this lady’s mind

SNAKE- which are tempting her into some negative thinking or attitude

PATH- which could be as a result of a decision or indecision

LADY- the object of the reading

As you know when a reading is dissected in a step by step manner you only get bits and pieces. It is a good idea to scan blocks of cards first.  You can scan the column but you should factor in the previous and following columns as well to get a better idea of what you are predicting.  I prefer to start out with very easy key phrases and then build up on them once the intuition really kicks in.


This line starts with the past, now (lady), and leads into the future.  These are key cards and since there is no other row beneath, it basically ends here.  It is very significant.  The horizontal row and vertical column must be studied carefully.

WHIP- in the recent past the lady has been beating herself up about something

LADY- the object of the reading

MOUSE- in a very short time she will experience a feeling of prolonged loss

BIRDS- and have a worrisome mind creating a nervous condition

SHIP- which surrounds a trip or some travel situation


This line begins with the lady and ends with the Bouquet card.  This line is similar to the Trigger row in the Simple Trigger Layout.  The cards above the line are the how & why and the cards below the line are the results or evolvements of the theme.  You don’t have to read them this way if you don’t want to but it will make more sense in the long run.

LADY- the object of the reading

CHILD- is involved in the life of a child

SUN- which will bring her much happiness at least for a temporary time

BOUQUET- and through it all she will feel blessed and  gifted 

So far we know the lady has a profound concern because of some imminent choices which may or may not be a direct situation.  She has fretted in the past most likely within the last week and will be experiencing additional anxiety within the next week or so due to some travel situation.  We know that a circumstance surrounding a child or younger person will shower her with optimism and a renewed hope.

Let’s take a look at the Child card and the vertical column since this is quite likely one of the major themes of the block of cards.


GENTLEMAN- an older man is involved and having the Scythe next to him tells me something very unexpected occurred perhaps a parting of ways.  The Anchor card joins this trio to suggest this incident is career related.  At this point it is safe to assume the child is an adult.

COFFIN- there would have been a complete change in the anticipated plans, even an ending leading to a new beginning

CHILD- object  of the lady’s concern

MOUSE- the person represented by the child would have suffered some losses be it financial or perhaps an opportunity.  It could even be an illness because the Birds card is next to it indicating a stressful situation


Let’s find out more about this Child.

FISH- a financial situation or motivator for money

PATH-was the basis for a decision the child had made recently.  Obviously, because of this choice the lady of the reading got caught up in some worries.

CHILD-object  of the lady’s concern

KEY- the child can anticipate some new solutions or ideas

FOX-which will affect or enhance his job.  I read the Fox card to represent the practical aspects of work.

We are dealing with only 20 of the 36 cards in the tutorial.  I would suggest only working with blocks of cards until you get more experienced.  

This little practice should give you an idea on how to piece everything together.  I have not detailed every single card or all the diagonal lines.  Don’t forget you also read the rows of 5 as well.  Once you have a good understanding of each row and column, believe it or not, you will be able to thread it all together.

The next card I would focus on is the Ship, the very last one and read the column because it intersects the diagonal line for the Lady as well as the Child.

Cartomancy requires patience and a thorough knowledge of the core meanings of the cards. Pick the meaning most comfortable to you.  If you feel something different than the traditional teachings then by all means use it.  I have used traditional key phrases only.  Normally, I would use a block of cards as a diving board into the intuitive realm.

5 thoughts on “reading tutorial using Lenormand oracle cards

  1. Hi Seaqueen,
    about your -36 lenormand meanings and -36 zigeuner-gipsy cards meanings:
    Would you please allow me to include your list of meanings to my software ? I have written an online cartomancy software which features many decks, among them also lenormand and gipsy decks. What I’d love to do now is add your meanings as a starting point for card readers who are using the software.
    Of course, there will be a link back to your very informative website here on, right below the meaning texts, so that anybody who is using your meanings can easily open your website, get in contact with you or just start reading your blog.
    I’m asking because your CC-BY-NC-ND license would otherwise deny me using your card meanings, and I respect that of course. Please contact me by mail if you find the time…

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Ambo,
    Thanks for your comment and question.
    The restricted usage of the meanings from both decks would infringe on the copyright of another website using them. I’d like to help you out. Leave it with me and I’ll email you once I discuss it with the others involved. It could take several weeks to get an answer.
    Thanks for asking and thank you for respecting the Creative Commons license. Madame Seaqueen.

  3. Thanks a lot for trying. I’ll wait and hope for the best. I just want to stress my point that I will link to you/the other site, as I hope to create a benefit for you, too.

    Strangely, I just now got some mail from wordpress concerning blocking comments and blah, and I just now noticed your answer. Sorry I respond so late for thanking you. Seems better for the rest of the conversation to happen by mail. I’m there for you any time.

    Best regards,

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