Asking the Pages of Shustah cards

I wanted to ask a question about the success of a pending business trip. I consulted the Tarot cards and was not completely satisfied with the reading.  I was looking for a specific answer to this question and found the Tarot didn’t sit right with me.

When this happens it is a good idea to use another deck if you have one.  Certain decks are for certain questions.  Doing a full board Lenormand would have been much too many cards even for this question. There is no doubt in my mind the Lenormand deck would have given me enough information surrounding the answer.

What I was looking for was a straight answer of specific energies which are at play currently.  I was drawn to the Pages of Shustah and below are the 3 cards I selected.  Notice how they are all BLUE. (serenity, lack of monumental growth, calculated progress)


->Blue 5. The Diamond ->Blue 3. The Fishes ->Blue 12. The Divine Horse

At first, when I saw the last card I thought it was the pale horse and I was disappointed despite the other positive cards.  When I realized it was the Divine Horse my mind was at ease.  This question is not so much as to the success of a business trip but whether or not it will be “safe” without unforeseen tragedies.

The intensity of the brilliant shine from the Diamond amplifies the meaning of the Fishes- a small wish granted.  These 2 cards speak of minor successes but really good ones.

I feel the Divine horse has answered my real question of safety and I see this card as a spiritual guardian which protects one from harm.  I couldn’t have asked for a better card.

UPDATE NOV 29/08- The trip in question which was off the coast of Africa was successful and safe.  The Divine Horse was a true blessing. I don’t have all the details yet and I am looking forward to hearing about the rich opportunities indicated by the Diamond + Fishes cards.

In the Tarot, the outcome card was the 4 of swords which triggered some worry in me.  In relation to the question, it pointed to a mediocre success which would come slowly.  As far as safety, it does have some protective aspects since the knight (in most decks) is adorned in armor.  Armor shields and protects.  If you notice on the image to the left of the card the stained glass window, there is the message of faith and hope within.

I see a correlation between the Divine Horse and the 4 of swords the more I meditate on the cards.  Initially, my knee jerk reaction to the sword card was apprehensive.  I think this is mainly due to past experiences with this card.  It was a good idea to select the Pages of Shustah so I could compare the energies after I went through the interpretative process.  One does not always see the symbolism when in a hurry for an answer.

All images of Rider Tarot have been removed.

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