Tips on reading Tea Leaves

Lesson in preparing for reading tea leaves.
Use a wide cup so the leaves have a chance to form symbols.
Make sure the cup has a handle because it is the starting point for the reading.
The handle is YOU

1. drink all your tea but about a teaspoon
2. make a wish but you don’t have to
3. swirl the leaves around the side of the cup 3x
4. turn the cup over onto the saucer
5. wait about 5-10 minutes to make sure all the excess tea is on the saucer
6. flip the cup over and hold it in your left hand.
7. start reading the images by the handle. These predictions will come true with a few days.
8. any symbols on the bottom of the cup with indicate the distant future. You determine the time frame prior to reading the tea leaves.
9. don’t try too hard to see accurate pictures because they usually are not clear.
10. Don’t rush the reading because you might miss some of the minor details
11. Practice as much as you can
12. Keep a tea leaves prediction journal

Reading tea leaves is lots of fun even if you think you don’t know how.
There are symbols around us everywhere. Many pictures you see within the cup are common sense meanings.
Remember to use a wide shallow cup because it’s easier to see all the interesting forms. Try it- you may surprise yourself.

WARNING: tea leaves readings are addictive. Only read them once a day. If you get into this habit, your predictions will not be more than a couple of days, possibly a week into the future.

Ok here are a some symbols to consider.

Airplane. If near the handle you will go on an unexpected trip within 72 hours.
Axe or Hatchet. Look out you will be separated from someone.
Cross. Not a very good sign. Expect to hear some sad news.
Cat. Another bad omen. An argument will occur.
Basket. Additional responsibilities come your way through family connections
Butterfly. Expect to hear some sweet words shortly
Dagger or Knife. If it is pointing towards the handle it warns of an operation or surgery.
Dog. If it is large you will speak to a good friend shortly. If it is small you will be irritated with a friend.
Earring. A mini scandal or being embarrassed.
Eye. Near the handle it means you will solve a problem quickly
Fish. Good news is coming and additional money
Flowers. A very good sign – a celebration
Gun. Bad luck. Near the handle, stay alert and don’t get careless. On the bottom of the cup it warns of bad news coming.
Grapes. Freedom from worry. A pleasurable experience.
Horns. Be careful for the next few day to avert an accident.
Heart. Depends what is beside this symbol. If you see the image of a person, you will meet a new love. If it is the Cross -you will break up with someone.
Jug or Pitcher. Great for making extra money.
Jewelry particularly a necklace. You will receive a surprise gift
Key. No worries for the next little while.
Kettle. Trouble is coming and a short term illness
Letter or envelope. Near the handle, important news comes. Look for other symbols to determine if the news is good or not.
Letters of the alphabet. You will meet or speak to someone with that initial
Monkey. You have a secret enemy among those smiling faces you see.
Man. A visitor comes to your home. Is there a Heart beside him or a Knife.
Numbers. Buy a lottery ticket if you see enough of them. Read these numbers in conjunction with the closest symbol.
Nuts of any kind. You come into unexpected money. Inheritance (walnuts).

Use your Lenormand card meanings when you see images such as a clover, clouds, birds, tower ETC.

2 thoughts on “Tips on reading Tea Leaves

  1. Hi, could u please tell me what it means to have a small person or child or baby in the very bottom of cup. I used coffee. Thanks Julie šŸ™‚

    • Hi Julie,
      Thank you for your question.
      A small person/child/baby in the very bottom of a cup can suggest a new situation. Sometimes it mean a birth of a child or even a birth of a new direction in some aspects of life. Often it indicates concerns about someone who is a dependent needing attention. I would need to know a few other symbols to thread a story together. Seaqueen

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