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One of my favorite layouts is the Astrology wheel. You don’t need to be a professional Astrologer to benefit from it’s use. In fact, we are not going to read the positions of the planets, but the cards that fall into each section. You can derive at quite a bit of information even if you know just the basics of each HOUSE* (the 12 numbers around the inner circle).

If you are not accustom to this layout, start out only using 12 cards and place the 13th in the middle. You can place fans of 3 or 4 cards in each section if you feel comfortable in blending the meanings. It is not much different than reading 3-4 Lenormand cards or even the Tarot.

I think a couple of cards in each spot is ideal for the beginner who has some knowledge of the cards (whatever deck you are working with). Once you learn a few keywords for the Houses* you can begin to do a reading.

The description of the Houses* will be very simple so they are easier to learn. Keep in mind one House contains a vast amount of information when you study them in-depth. I have changed some of the traditional associations so that the reading becomes more uniform. There are examples using the Lenormand style card in the Simple Astrology wheel layout are described for a self-reading.

  1. Aries House– 
In the 1st house is shown, what will be significant around you now . The cards show how things will affect you. This spot reveals what will be of great concern to you. Generally speaking, your state of mind and body. As with all influences, they pass when there is an understanding or emotional closure. For example, the COFFIN falling in this house will suggest  a major turning point in your life. You may be smack dab in the middle of changes. If you laid another card beside the COFFIN study it for hints.
  2. Taurus House– The 2nd house explains your financial situation and/or the things you value. The cards situated here will predict influences around increase as well as decrease. Strong positive cards here usually indicate the next year will be without money problems. If negative cards appear, look for clues on how to prevent potential problems. The answer will be within the negative card. For example, the FISH card promises stability with money concerns. The MOUSE card alerts you to carefully curb you spending habits.
  3. Gemini House– The 3rd house gives information about the relatives, short distance travel and communications of all type. It is the message house. For example, the LILY card (depending which deck you are using) will describe a brother. The LILY card is filled with s*e*x*u*a*l energy as well and could point to an affair with someone in your neighborhood.
  4. Cancer House– The 4th house shows the happenings in and around the home front. The cards reveal your private life. This is the family spot. Often the cards speak of parental issues. For example, the GARDEN card will tell you there will be a family celebration.  It can be a party, anniversary or even a retirement party.  You might have a home based business if the TREE card part of the duo.
  5. Leo House– In this 5th house spot the cards reveal creativity, hobbies, children, risks and what how we have a good time. For example, the SCYTHE card falling here warns you not to take any risks. In matters of children, your first born may experience some setbacks. Look to the second card for more encouragement. If you do not have children, expect a sudden decline in your social life.
  6. Virgo House– Typically the 6th house the rules everyday type of work and people connected to a job. If there was a health condition it would show up here but only if it was short term. For example, the MOUSE card indicates a slow down at work. It can mean people at your job will be let go due to shortages.  From a well being perspective, you can have a planned successful weight loss.  Other cards are needed if there is a concern for health.
  7. Libra House– The 7th house is concerned with all kinds of partnerships. Any commitments, contracts or binding relationships will show up here. Legal activity can be exposed. For example, the CLOVER card indicates a fast outcome to a dilemma between two people. This card brings luck within 1 week. A good sign for legal issues.
  8. Scorpio House– The 8th house points out what needs to be controlled or mastered. Traditionally, it is the house of death, inheritance. What you get from others falls into this spot. For example, the DOG card here suggest a friend will help you get through a tough time. Support will come from a close, trusting acquaintance. If the SCYTHE card fell beside the DOG – it could mean news of the death of someone dear.
  9. Sagittarius House– The cards in the 9th house involves everything around travel or expanded learning. For example, the BIRDS card falling her will strongly suggest enrollment in a business type of course. If it were to be taken as travel, this card would warn of irritating delays with plans.
  10. Capricorn House– I use the 10th house to indicate 6-12 months from now. It can describe the further developments in one’s career objectives. The reputation or public standing is shown here. For example, the HOUSE card falling in this spot depicts a future boss or supervisor (King of Hearts). He would be a helpful person and want you to succeed. Many times this card can indicate a career in home improvement or things pertaining to property. Often your father will play a significant role in your career choices.
  11. Aquarius House– The friendship 11th house shows the relationships outside of the immediate comfort zone. Situations pertaining to community, organizations or groups can be shown here. For example, the HEART card situated here would promise a meeting with a person which will have a romantic opportunity. Also, you will feel very strongly about a cause or join a group which gives you great pleasure.
  12. Pisces House– The Unknown. 
The 12th house can reveal months/years into the past. Incomplete or unsolved issue may appear here. Situations that are delayed or kept hidden are a part of the 12 house experience. The subconscious. For example, the SNAKE card placed here will expose an affair of the heart. It can mean you are not dealing with denied feelings you have for someone else. Taken to mean the Queen of Clubs, a woman from your past returns with a vengeance. Look to the card beside her, does it look favorable? If not, she will create some hassles for you.  If the SHIP card was beside her, no need to worry she will be out of the picture real soon.
  13. Center House – The card(s) in the middle are similar to the crossing card of the Celtic cross. They will offer the pros or cons of influence. Keep these in mind when you get stumped on an outcome of a particular house. Clues lie within the cards laid in the center. They are not always obvious. For example, the BEAR card will bring you strength and opportunities. It means no matter what unfolds over the next 6 months you will weather the influences. I read the BEAR card to mean empowerment. If the MOUSE card was chosen to partner up with this card, there would be a weakness which needs to be addressed during the time frame of the reading. The weakness can be emotional or physical. Something simple as lack of confidence.

You can add another couple of cards in the center if you wish. As a beginner, try to limited the number of cards in each house. I think 1 card is plenty when you are learning, but do add a card for clarification if need be.

I am not sure what happend to the category lists since the template changed.  🙂

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2 thoughts on “simple Astrology wheel layout

  1. Hi Madame SQ,

    This is an interesting way to lay out the cards. I’m really looking forward to a continuation of the post! I’ve been thinking of drawing a wheel on a piece of foam board to make doing the draw easier and to remember what the various houses are.

    It is always a pleasure to learn new things about the cards at your blog!


  2. Hi Sammie,

    It’s always a pleasure when you add a comment.

    A piece of foam board is a good idea.
    I like to use a sheet of card stock or even thick cardboard. You can get creative by writing symbols/keywords into the House sections and turn it into a cheat sheet. 🙂 The wheel should large enough so that each House fits at least 3 cards snuggly from your choice of deck. You won’t want it too big either because it will become bothersome.

    I should be ready to post the continuation of the Astrology Wheel layout soon. I have it in draft form right now and want to present it in a very simple, easy to understand manner.

    Thanks for your patience.
    Madame Seaqueen.

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