Lenormand The Book card

I am re-posting this article because I noticed the formatting in the original entry got all messed up somewhere along the shifting of templates.  There are a few revisions in the content.

Lenormand #26 The Book

A book is a source of information and knowledge.  It can provide instructions.

The book  contains unknown data which might be hard to understand.  The information inside the book is also an explanation. You can only open the book one way- the card facing the open side of the book will be the card that contains more descriptions of the nature of the information.

Some Lenormand decks have an open book on a table or on a pedestal. In essence, you still need to read what is inside those pages. When you already know what’s in the book- mum’s the word in some cases.

I think that most people do not completely tell what is really on their minds for whatever reason. And then again, you have heard the expression, s/he is like an open book.

People learn from books as well, school/study is another meanings of the book card.

When beside the child card #13 it does suggest a kid in school. Law books contain the template of societal boundaries of right and wrong.

When next to the tower card #19 the indication can be a legal case or court house. And it can also mean library or university, college or other educational institution.

When the scythe card follows the Book you will most likely never find out the answer.  The coffin card provides more hope than the scythe.

A dictionary, the bible, cookbook, diary……many meanings to think about.

Another view to keep in mind is that known data is also contained within the pages of the book and sometimes it is not to be shared. Confidential information that is private like a secret or not ready to be exposed. Divulging this data can be triggered by the snake and fox cards, as they tend to have an undermining characteristic.

Each and every card of the Lenormand type decks is an island unto itself, first and foremost, remember the core meanings.  They are simple.

Lots of the cards are influenced by their adjoining connections. The deck is divided into positive, negative and neutral cards.  The book is neutral.

Here’s another way to look at the combinations of the Book card. We all know the traditional and common but let’s look differently at these Lenormand cards.

Keep in mind the past, present and future tense
Combinations of the Book Card.  
1rider-a court order
2clover-lottery ticket
3ship-a passport
4house-don’t tell motel 🙂
5tree-multiple personality
6clouds-gossip about male
7snake-female psychiatrist
8coffin-never ending situation
9flowers-romance novel
10 scythe-parking ticket
11whips-character assassination
12birds- lawyers
13child-children’s books
14fox-job offer in writing
15bear-secret engagement
16stars-esoteric fields
17stork-hidden pregnancy
18dog-obedience school
20park-a museum
21mountain-road block
22path- spilling the beans
23mice- autobiography
24heart-on line dating
25ring- marriage contract
26book-topic of this article
28gentleman-blind date
29lady-story teller
30lily- hidden sexual desires
31sun- weather forecast
32moon-trance work
33key-a weblog
34fish- alcoholic
35anchor-a warranty
36cross-death certificate

2 thoughts on “Lenormand The Book card

  1. My latest “immediate” row, features Book, Whips, and Rider. Character assassination (of my character), wouldn’t surprise me in the least. It would be nice if Bouquet would bring more fortunate news (since it sits next to Rider, in the last row). I’m trying not to feel so negative, especially over something that, ultimately, is just so silly – the trip back to high school hasn’t been fun, though. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing all of this on your blog. I’m keeping my own notes in a private blog, but appreciate having this and others to visit, to get an idea of what certain combinations might mean.

  2. Now that I look at the Book + Rider combination (Tower is sitting next to the Book card, in the top row), I wonder if this could have anything to do with my parents filing bankruptcy. That would certainly put an end (Coffin) to some legal problems they’ve been having (being hassled by creditors – whips?), and allow them to relax a little bit (Bouquet).

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