readers reading for readers (catchy title)

Every once in awhile I put myself out there as a recipient of a reading by another practitioner of cards.  I think this is a great way to learn & share.

I posed a question which could not be answered in a yes or no.  I have reviewed my own guidance through various systems of cartomancy.  I responded to an offer by Troi, author of the new blog called, “Tarot on the ragged edge”

The following is Troi’s interpretation.

I am going to use a wonderful deck called “Songs for the Journey Home”.  The cards are round and the images have been produced using coloured pencils.  At first sight the drawings look very child-like until you notice the intricacy and detail in them.  The deck was created by two women from New Zealand, one who had the original inspiration and wrote the accompanying book and the other who brought forth this gorgeous artwork.

I have drawn two cards:

Wave Awakening (Knight of Cups)
The Fool

For the remainder of this reading,


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