The Noisy Seabird

Pages of Shustah© #5 green card is called The Noisy Seabird.  This card points to forms of distraction according to the accompanying book.  The energy of Noisy Seabird is nervousness and anxiety.

I read this card to represent the ego chatter which goes on when our minds are not still.  It is tough to make a decision when bombarded with the sqawking of Noisy Seabird.

Rev Foor has very informative posts on this card using a trio layout. Check out  —>Daily Reading & Meditation.

In many cases it can be a warning that you are not paying attention to what is really important in reference to your question.  There are too many external factors involved.

Unexpected communication occurs which leads to lack of clarity.  It’s best not to make a vital choice when Noisy Seabird shows up.

suggested Advice  using a one card daily draw

  • drop the bitchy mood.  No one will listen to you if you keep complaining.  Try to look on the bright side of every situation.
  • learn to quiet the inner dialogue because it is fear based.
  • the party gets out of control
  • calling attention to yourself will only amplify the problem.
  • you will have to raise your voice to be heard over the chaos.
  • is your pet bird ill?
  • the only way to rise above the issue at hand is to keep quiet until you are absolutely sure.
  • don’t partake in idle chit chat or gossip especially when the person is not there to defend themselves
Noisy Seabird in combination with other cards can add a restlessness to your environment.

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