Sospiri- 6 of spades

The image below belongs to the “L’oracolo della vera Sibilla”.  The name of the card is SOSPIRI.   The ‘P’ in the upper left hand corner stands for Picche which is Italian for spades.  On the bottom of the card are 2 numbers, 63 & 38.  I don’t use these numbers which are throughout the deck.

What does the word Sospiri mean? Google translates it to ‘sighs’ because it is plural.  Sospiro is singular to mean ‘sigh’.

This image reminds me of the common HOPE card.   

I zoomed in to see what this woman is holding and it appears to be a hankie which makes sense.  Sighing often occurs after someone cries.

Is she waiting for the arrival of someone or did they just depart?  The 3 of wands in the Tarot gives me the same impression.  Notice the bolt of lightning in the form of a zigzag arrow.  There is a clue in this symbol. Most likely she is waiting.  The arrow tip is heading for the tree trunk or maybe even her head. 🙂

The lesson-message of Sospiri is patience.  All in due time.  Anytime you ask a question requiring a time frame, it will indicate a pause or not yet answer.  Sometimes this is good, more often than not it is not what you want to hear.

The woman is absorbed in her emotions.  She is kneeling on a hard rock which means she isn’t as fragile as she looks.  There is a subtle strength within this card.  Fortitude. The water is a little wavy depicting activation of the emotions.

One must have hope for the future.  If this card falls as the outcome card there is a promise. No amount of force or pressure will hasten the result.

 All is as it should be – hold on to your faith.

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