Lenormand #9 Bouquet

Queen of spades

The Bouquet 9

The bouquet is a card of achievement.  It brings good influences to the neighboring cards. Traditionally, it indicates that you are well thought of and generally people like your company. It can also suggest receiving well mannered guests which are a treat to entertain.

In romantic questions and if it is the final card it will reveal that your partner will shower you with love and demonstrate affection.  Sometimes you will receive a token of appreciation, like a gift.

Many times it will point to a reunion between lovers or a ‘making up’ process. The Bouquet card brings situations into focus.

Flowers are generally thought of as being sweet.  You can expect something pleasant entering your life that feels absolutely wonderful.  It sure beats having a sour experience.  Flowers are seasonal so it is a good idea to remember that everything has it’s time and place.  Also, things pass with time as well.  One minute you are on a high and the next minute you aren’t.  That being said, the Bouquet is a good high energy influence but it will not last a long time.  So enjoy the experience while you have it.

The Bouquet is a strong card and will add a good vibe to those minor negative cards.  Pay close attention to the card next to it.  What looks like a calamity may turn out to be something trivial so there is no point worrying needlessly.

As the Queen of Spades this card describes a woman who is in control of her feminine charms. She can be a sweetheart personality but you cannot fool her.  She is experienced and has gained much of her wisdom through the ups and downs of life.

When the Bouquet falls with the Stars you will receive public recognition for your efforts.  You will be in the limelight or center of attention.  Enjoy this blessed combination.

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2 thoughts on “Lenormand #9 Bouquet

  1. Hi Sea Queen

    Great blog. just wanted to add, that i’ve seen the bouquet appear a few times, for ‘recreational type drugs” it is a “feel good’ card. i guess that is the feeling people have when or ‘why’ they take drugs to feel good.


  2. Hi Phoenix,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Yes, I can see how the Bouquet could be a ‘recreational type drug’, in particular some of the Divine Herbs which are popular and legal in different parts of the world. 🙂

    In fact, now that you have brought up this point, prescription drugs could be indicated when coupled with the Tree card. Or, home made herbal remedies.

    I was reviewing the Card Lovers Community Directory and have added your great blog. (it was on my to do list) Thank you for sharing.

    Madame Seaqueen

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