Medicine cards- expanded version

Today I had a lucky find in a thrift shop of all places.

The original Medicine cards and book I have were published in 1988.  There are 44 animal cards with 9 blank shields cards. (which are intended for the individual to use once the power animals become known to the person)

The version I bought today is the extended deck of 52 cards plus the 9 blank shields published in 1989. The books are identical with the exception of the latter being purple hard cover with 246 pages versus 214 excluding the blank lined pages at the end of the books.

I was amazed at the excellent condition of the book and cards.  I have mentioned in other posts that I had the opportunity to meet David Carson, co-creator of the Medicine cards at the 2006 Prophets Conference on the west coast of Canada.  (a jammed packed weekend of some very interesting ‘new age’ thinkers) I attended one of the workshops which featured speaker David Carson.  He introduced his new deck 2013 cards prior to publication which he described one by one in detail.  I still have my notes somewhere which I took as he spoke.

I sat very close to the front in the large room with some 400+ people from all over the world who attended this amazing conference.  I bought David’s latest book ‘Crossing into Medicine Country’ which he autographed.

The book mentions we have 7 power animals from the 7 directions, north, south, east, west, above, below and within.  The remaining 2 power animals walk with us, one on the left and one on the right side.  (male & female energy) I have yet to determine my 9 power animals but have a sense of some of them because they guide me through the astral travel planes.  A trip I don’t always plan on, 🙂 it just happens. The 9 blank shields are for this purpose.  The power animals belonging to this entourage are not necessarily within the 52 cards of the deck.  They can be other animals you feel a kinship to or that are significant to you in some way.

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