Mini Celtic using Gypsy Bijou Lenormand

.Gypsy Bijou Lenormand style cards.

.Mini Celtic Cross.

It’s time for a reading according to Veronica (regular posts on her work situations).  The question asked today is whether or not Veronica’s contractual position will be extended.  Veronica’s work history is based on renewals of her work positions and much depends on funding.

I decided to use a Mini Celtic cross to get a snapshot view of the energy surrounding Veronica in relation to her work question.  I didn’t think it was necessary to do a full 10 card Celtic cross reading because you can get a pretty good idea using the center cross of the larger layout.

It is not always necessary to do full board layouts using the Lenormand style cards & basic layouts work just as good.  The deck in the image has short meanings right on the card (in English) and it is a great deck for a person who is just learning Cartomancy.

Card 1 – The Heart 24

“All lovers will be happy when they see this heart.”

As the center card which describes what is on Veronica’s mind/question we can see that it would be something near and dear to her, ie. emotional attachment to her job.

Card 2 – The Bouquet 9

“A fine bouquet of flowers brings success and sunny hours.”

As the crossing card which gives an indication of the opportunities or hindrances in relation to Veronica’s question we can see ‘good’ energy surrounds the process.

Card 3 – The Bear 15

“The bear says ‘Think before speaking to the jealous if you would escape from them.”

As the foundation card, lying beneath #24 it is obvious that Veronica has some rivals in her work environment.  The Bear card is very powerful.  She is in a high profile role and under tremendous scrutiny due to the observations of her coworkers and authority figures. This is common when you work by contract. It seems she has to prove her worth every step of the way.  If she slacks off – her contract may not be renewed even if there is funding.

Card 4 – The Lady 29

“This lady, by her position, can command all the rest of the cards by a single gesture.”

As the passing card but still active, the Lady card represents Veronica.  Interestingly, the little phrase on the card is very true.  Veronica can make or break her chances of renewing the contract.  The responsibility is very much on her shoulders.  I get a good feeling so far about the reading.

Card 5 – The Rider 1

“Open the door quickly to this fine horseman who brings good news from abroad.”

As the potential future card, there is definitely some news coming Veronica’s way.  The Rider card is above #24 The Heart, they are touching which means it is also read as a combination.  This duo promises a pleasing result which will make her very happy.   So far, so good.  

Card 6 – The Ship 3

“A ship predicts riches, inheritance, a voyage”

As the immediate future card, and to the right of the Heart card 24, it is certainly a good sign.  The Ship card could mean travel but it is not within the scope of the job Veronica is doing.  It can be something else, too, that will generate some income for her.  

In relation to the original question the Ship #3 is a blessed influence which can only mean ‘yes’ to the contract being renewed.

With the Heart card – a romantic weekend, lover at a distance, fondness for travel.  Is Veronica going to meet someone through work?  There is a hint – the Bear card can represent a loving and protective man.

The Rider and Ship cards combined do indicate news coming from a distance.  There is more within this Mini Celtic cross than the answer to the work question.

When you analyze the crossing card (the Bouquet 9) with the final card, there is a hint of Veronica receiving a surprising answer which she did not anticipate.

All in all, the cards are favorable and there is every indication the contract will be renewed.

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2 thoughts on “Mini Celtic using Gypsy Bijou Lenormand

  1. Hello Seaqueen, right or wrong, I would read the Bear as a person in charge who makes the decisions regarding the renewal of her contract, but I don’t see this person as jealous or overbearing because there is no negative cards in the vicinity. Please let me know if in your opinion I’m completely out of it and why. Thank you very much.

    • Hello Annie. Yes, the Bear can be the person in charge and in fact, it was. I’m not sure if I did a follow up on this reading. I do recall Veronica telling me her contract was renewed by this person in charge. A few years later she learned this person was seething with jealousy under all the smiles and niceties. I wouldn’t have seen the jealousy right off the bat, either. Hope that helps. Seaqueen

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