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Continuing reading from the previous 2 posts.


As I said in the last post the Trigger line should be understood right off the bat.  It will give you the foundation or theme of the entire reading.

29. LADY- Female seeker of cards. The partner of the male getting the reading. When the GENTLEMAN & LADY cards fall in the “now” spot the suggestion is that these 2 people will see each other (if living apart) or be caught up in an important situation. Coupled with the MOON card- an emotional personality. With the MOUNTAIN card-unable to express feelings.When the BOOK card is beside either of these two cards & falling in the future spots, it can indicate meeting someone new especially if the CHILD card is involved. With the STORK card- return of a former lover or friend.

31. SUN – Powerful & Positive. Embodiment of success. As a characteristic suggests a warm-hearted person, someone who gleams with confidence. In a situation, brings ease where there is doubt. Will guarantee a good outcome-something to look forward to. Following negative cards will ensure victory but preceding- happiness that turns sour.

12. BIRDS – Suggests lots of blabbing. “Girl/Guy talk”. Can represent two of anything. With the STORK & CHILD, strong possibility of twins. As a characteristic, a person who can talk their way out of a wet paper bag. Making a mountain out of a molehill. Short travel. With the SNAKE, beware of flirt.

10. SCYTHE – Abscission.  The cut that hurts and when it doesn’t hurt -it is all about the act of pruning things out of a situation. As a person (Jack of Diamonds), a caustic tongue & quick temper. With the HEART card, a permanent break-up, if followed by the SUN card it’s the best thing that could have happened. There are brighter days ahead.  LINK to another post on the Scythe

The Lady and Sun cards were already covered in the former posts.  I want to continue with the interpretation from that point.  We already know this particular female was feeling very happy due to the messages the Rider card brought -side by side with the Gentleman #28.

IMMEDIATE column contains the Birds card which indicates a great deal of discussion going on. It could be gossip but it is more like clearing the air.

SOON column (last one) contains the Scythe card.  We know that whatever has gone down with end real fast.  Actually faster than lightning because the Clover card represents speed as well and has a time frame of 3-5 days.

From these interpretations of the Trigger line there is evidence of a break up or cessation of further talks due to the information/news that arrived. This news was not represented in a clear manner thus  as they say ‘the cat is out of the bag’.  

IMMEDIATE column– COFFIN, BIRDS, TREE.  Due to a change of events and due to another connection [Tree card] much deliberation occurs.

SOON [last one] column– STARS, SCYTHE, CLOVER.  A mighty fast dash of hopes to the ground. The Stars + Scythe together like this means that the wish does not materialize.  In fact, it has little chance to get off the ground.  The wish can be linked to the news that has arrived already which eventually stirs things up to the point of excitement.  Excitement is not always positive. It can be frazzled nerves.

One thing I want to mention is that often the Tree card will point to a health condition. If you are upset at some news, of course, your health is involved.   This reading gives a strong suggestion that the revelation of a certain situation depicted by the Rider card was distorted and misunderstood.

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