continuing the layout

In continuation using the Lenormand cards & the Trigger Layout.

1—– 8 ——16
31—-12—– 10
32—- 5 ——2


1. RIDER = This card is all about the movement of news. It’s on it’s way and usually arrives within a short time. As a person, for the most part a male, can indicate someone who is active and athletic. A jockey.

31. SUN – Powerful & Positive. Embodiment of success. As a characteristic suggests a warm-hearted person, someone who gleams with confidence. In a situation, brings ease where there is doubt. Will guarantee a good outcome-something to look forward to. Following negative cards will ensure victory but preceding- happiness that turns sour.

32. MOON – Teeter tottering of emotions. Can suggest recognition or at least awareness to a situation. Sometimes indicates the mother. The nighttime. Casts a shadow on adjoining cards. Coupled with the PATH card-not the best time for decisions. With the STORK card induces uncertain change.

There is a message or some kind of news that will influence the people cards from the past, the Gentleman + the Lady and to some degree the Bouquet Queen of Spades.  Initially, it will come as something really good (sun) filled with promise of success.  The Moon card throws a monkey wrench into everything because it causes mixed feeling about the entire situation.

Glancing over to the next column IMMEDIATE spot we have the coffin card awaiting which is directly linked to the NOW spot and particularly to the Rider card (relaying the news).

The IMMEDIATE spot has a sliding scale in this layout because you can determine whatever time frame you want before you do the cards.  NOW can mean the day of the reading and it usually does.  The next column can be up to a few weeks which in most cases is not too unreasonable. And lastly the SOON spot will be a few months if you are using a longer range of time.  I prefer to shorten the time frame when I do this layout for myself mainly because I want a quick answer.  It’s up to you -the reader of the cards.

The strongest card is the Sun which happens to be the Trigger card as well.  I want to read this to mean a short term happiness because of the Moon’s influence. It tends to cast illusion on situations. Sometimes one’s emotions are all over the place from sheer excitement.

Tip:  When you have all the cards in the layout in front of you look to the Trigger cards first or at least keep them in mind as you decipher the remaining cards.

In the next post I’ll continue with this tutorial reading & try to upload some cards as well.  Visuals are a good tool when learning.  My brief interpretation is only one way to read this trio.  Keep in mind that the interpretations would vary somewhat because the gender of the person is not known at this time.

For all the meanings of the Lenormand ——>click here<—–             HOME page

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