Request from the comments section

I will interpret the Lenormand cards in the Simple Trigger Layout (a request from the comments section) hopefully within this week.  It will be a great way to offer suggestions for learning purposes only.

“I have a question and a prayer, the scheme that we did SYMPLE TRIGGER LAIOUT< not manage to find the answer.
28        1             8                16
29        31           12              10
9          32           5                 2



28. GENTLEMAN- Male seeker of cards. The special partner of a female, husband, boyfriend, fiancé etc. As a person, generally a neutral card because it is influenced by surrounding cards. Coupled with the HOUSE card- a homebody. With the FOX or ANCHOR card- male connected to work or worried about job.

29. LADY- Female seeker of cards. The partner of the male getting the reading. When the GENTLEMAN & LADY cards fall in the “now” spot the suggestion is that these 2 people will see each other (if living apart) or be caught up in an important situation. Coupled with the MOON card- an emotional personality. With the MOUNTAIN card-unable to express feelings.When the BOOK card is beside either of these two cards & falling in the future spots, it can indicate meeting someone new especially if the CHILD card is involved. With the STORK card- return of a former lover or friend.

9. BOUQUET – A gift or token of appreciation. Fond feeling towards you. Generally a favorable outcome regarding a situation. As a person, (Queen of Spades) suggests a more mature female who generally is without a partner. Don’t worry be happy – the outcome is usually good.

I don’t know whether or not the person making the comment with the above layout is male or female.  This trio of cards could indicate there was a female who was prominent in the past regarding 1 particular situation.  The Bouquet gives a very positive contribution to the relationship between the man (29) and woman (28) depicted by these cards.  I want to read the Bouquet as an adjective describing the Lady card (28) to mean an exchange of feeling.

If it is a male doing this layout, he would have seen someone special recently who made him very happy.  

Before I continue, I will wait for feedback to determine the gender of the person who has submitted these cards in the comments section.

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