Behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of a “practitioner of cartomancy”?

First,  you need to remember is that the person reading the cards is a human being.  The cards are a physical representation of a set of tools which are used to supposedly trigger entrance into other dimensions.  In order to do this there needs to be an altered state of mind. A deck of cards will contain imagery, symbols and usually a long history of what those images and symbols mean.

To a high degree we have been rooted in tradition but I see this changing slowly.  Systems of “newer” cartomancy are not easily created because people generally do not like stepping out of the comfort zone of a sure thing.

Much advanced work is being done by using a deck of cards (especially the sacred Tarot) to explore the different angles to give us explanations (hindsight) of how the reading fit into an actual real life situation. The Tarot usually does not pinpoint precise situations, however, authentic fortune telling does.

I see the Tarot and the Sibilla style (including the regular playing cards) very much different in their contributions to the reader of the cards.  I have investigated a great number of  systems quite intensely.

A great number of practitioners of divination using cards do not want to be identified with the label of being a “fortune teller”.  In fact, in some parts of the world there are by-laws prohibiting this practice.  I feel this is absurd because there is fortune (future) telling going on right before our eyes every day … on the television.  

I’m getting a little off track from the points I want to make but that is what blogging is all about; sharing our perceptions.

Does a card reader have fears?  You bet.  It is akin to stage fright.  No matter how many hundreds of readings you may have performed, each reading is like the very first.  Your personal reading space is vital to calling in your spiritual helpers.  They do not show up anywhere unless you have already established a strong bond with them.  I think it is very important to prepare yourself to read the cards.  Your personal reading space is the area in which you have cast a circle of protection either in your mind or through physical rituals, like lighting candles, incense and mood music.

You should be able to place yourself in an altered state of mind to receive guidance through environment, person getting the reading and the circumference of energy.  This process takes years and years of practical experience  It does not happen within a few short months even if you “think” you are a  natural clairvoyant & even then you will have to tune into the frequencies correctly.  

There are better times to do readings.  The planetary energies should be factored as well.  The ability to have more ‘Clear Sight’  occurs when certain planets are in good aspects with the Earth.

Perhaps you have better luck in certain locations over others.  Cities and communities also emit an electromagnetic field which the authentic ‘psychic’ (and I use that term loosely) will be influenced by.

Not only is the state of mind of the ‘reader’ important but the recipient as well.  This is where you must pay attention.  Your role in the reading could be to ‘listen’ to them instead of them ‘listening’ to you.  

Reading cards is a responsibility … and there is much more going on than meets the eyes.

Before you consider doing a reading take into considerations some of the points I have detailed.  See if they make any sense to you or offer you answers to why some of the readings are totally off the mark while others have an astounding accuracy.

Seaqueen’s Perception

5 thoughts on “Behind the scenes

  1. First of all hello and thanks for commenting. Secondly, tell me what deck you are using. I write about many.
    I limit the cards to only a “5 card layout” from the comments section.
    Thanks for understanding.
    Madame Seaqueen.
    If you want a full reading please send me an email through WordPress.

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