David Icke

The great David Icke.  Grab your popcorn & thinking cap and enjoy this amazing 2+ hours video

This video is all about the “real story behind global events”.  David’s perception on control organizations stresses the fact how fear reduces our personal power.  Who is really in control?  

You or them?

Stop and think about your belief systems.  To be an independent thinker you  step out of the “hassle free/comfort” zone.  Avoid mind manipulations which are guised all around you. 

The next time you read the cards, ask yourself if you are reading them in a manner totally unique unto yourself or are you still caught in the traditional trappings.  

Cartomancy has a structured base, however, the reading will only take off when you strengthen your own wings.  To really fly with those wings you need to step outside of that structured base.  

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