17 The Stork- Lenormand style cards

17  The Stork

Stork cards from 4 different decks.

Oracolo Lenormand. Gypsy Bijou fortune telling cards.

Cartomanzia Francese.  Old Gypsy fortune telling cards.

One of the themes: CHANGE

The positioning of the Stork cards in the layout is important.  Stepping into traditional trappings, many readers of the Lenormand cards believe that the card to the LEFT or ABOVE the Stork is the representation of what that change will be. I have mentioned this point when I have written about the Stork card before.

To demonstrate this point I will offer examples using duo combinations.  Keep in mind that the card following the Stork will reveal the result or outcome of the duo and that is included as well using the same duo.

CLOUDS + STORK= the changes which occur bring disharmony and an unsettled change

STORK + CLOUDS = the result of the change ends up being a huge disappointment

TOWER + S =  a recent separation has been experienced and this will no doubt create change

S + TOWER = the outcome leads to a catastrophe leading to a parting of ways

MOUSE + S = the change was a slow process but ended up happening

S + MOUSE = the change most likely will not happen so don’t hold your breath

GARDEN + S = through a public event a new contact is made and this leads to a pleasant change provided that the third card (following the Stork) is positive

S + GARDEN = whatever the change was or why it happened leads to the connections with the public or a specific “new” person

COFFIN + S = a change which is hard to accept or understand

S + COFFIN = the changes experienced recently lead to a dead end

RIDER + S = a welcome change which is a result of some message or because of a person

S + RIDER = more change is on it’s way because you haven’t got all the facts about a situation or person

KEY + S = good change happens because there is some sort of security involved

S + KEY = regardless of the changes the result brings a solution or a secure answer

SCYTHE + S = a warning not to instigate any changes and if they manifest you are left with your head spinning wondering just what the heck happened

S + SCYTHE = maybe it’s for the best any changes come to a complete halt because it just isn’t working out

RING + S =  a great improvement in a relationship which is a long overdue change unless the following card is negative

S + RING = who cares what the changes were the outcome creates a situation with a full commitment

I have used only 1 theme  in this delineation process and there are many more; like using the court cards to represent a person.  Actually, a duo could give you at least 1 dozen possible reasonable interpretations.  If you were to step out of the traditional trappings, the sky is the limit.

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