Death reversed -Cosmic Tarot


by Norbert Losche 

There is much discrepancy between Tarot readers regarding the reversals of the cards.  Many do not read the upside down version.  The reasons vary greatly but I have found several common themes &  narrowed it down to the top 3.

#1 -the reversal lessens or minimizes the card’s energy/meaning

#2 -the meaning is opposite

#3  -there is a block or prevention of the energy/meaning

I chose the Death card from the Cosmic Tarot to demonstrate a few additional ideas.  This card’s image gives a clear indication of trouble-a-brewing.   🙂

Looking at the reversed Death card you will see all the symbolism of endings, finality and destruction on the top of the card.   Could it be that all this is in the person’s head or an extension of their imagination. When it is a one card draw, it could very well be a troubled mind.

In a layout, the meaning will be modified to some degree by the other cards especially if they are upright and stronger in personality.  Yes, the reversal does weaken the card in the company of more powerful cards.

As the outcome card, Death reversed will tell you it is not over, yet.  In fact, you will be on the verge of it (situation/person) being over, concluding or finalizing.  

This card reminds me of my work/craft room, cluttered and in desperate need of logical re-organization. A task which would definitely fence in those creative bursts.

One should not cringe when seeing the Death card in a reading.  Sure it is all about transformation and we all know that is a good thing in the long run.  Death reversed is tougher to go through, methinks.

It is the pre-action state.

1 + 3 = 4 (the Emperor)

Within Death reversed is the sweet old man (4) sitting on his throne ready to kick you in the butt to get you moving into some sort of action.   🙂  He is what you call the “Chair” of the meeting.

The Magician (1) within this card is what we call the “Steering committee” in certain circles.  The High Priestess (2) can be equated to the “Agenda” we need to make this transformation a reality.

Last, and certainly not least because this card is the topic of the post, Death reversed is similar to the an “unproductive meeting” with no results, decisions or any headway.  

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4 thoughts on “Death reversed -Cosmic Tarot

  1. hi Seaqueen,
    I don’t know if my own meditations on reversal are worth adding here:
    The reversal umpire is the 94th and last card (to date!) in the Rainring pack. it is four-sided and the four sub-texts are

    reversed-edge means, of course, that the reversal is about to take place. It also often means a going-back-and-forwards-across-the-frontier effect: upright-reversed-upright-reversed and so on;

    reversed-loss simply means the opposite of the upright reading;

    reversed-waiting means that the timing for the upright meaning is wrong, therefore the querant is in a situation of strategic holding off – waiting for conditions to change;

    reversed-regain means either that the upright meaning has been subjected to a radical transformation – the energy of the upright interpretation almost having taken a U-turn; alternatively, it means that the energy of the upright meaning was/is lost but is/will be regained, recovered or will return / reappear

    In other words, the four cards, in the above order, can also represent a dynamic, four-stage movement through the state of reversal

    I don’t know whether this logic would apply with other packs, but I think it would.

    One comment on your interpretations: I have the strong impression that there are readers who don’t use reversed for PC reasons: they think that paying customers don’t want to be told that nasty reversals are in store for them! In Rainring, because reversal is a 1 in 4, not a 1 in 2 possibility (on the hard copy), reversal is a far less dominant effect. One other thing: we used the Rider-Waite at my tarot induction class, and I can understand why anyone using this would shrink from reversals: its interpretations are pretty sombre to start with, let alone the reversals!

  2. Welcome back 94,

    I enjoyed reading your comment. My posts on the blog seem to occur only over the weekends lately. I ran into quite a busy spell several months ago. You know how it is.

    I would like to respond but not before I think over what I want to say. Most likely ( I think you already know that) I will be quoting your comment in the near future post to share with the readers.

    Til then…..

  3. Hi there!

    Thanks for interesting posts! I’m an Cosmic Tarot owner myself and I use this deck intuitively as an opposite method to the RW which I tend to pretty much beside intution follow and interpret the inherent symbolics of. Today the Queen of Swords rv together with The Chariot came up in a layout. – How do you interpret the Queen of Swords when it’s reversed? Do you consider the reversal as an aggravation of the cold aspects of the SwordQueen or a diminuation of the meanings?

    The best!

  4. Thank you for your comment.
    I purchased the Cosmic deck when it was first published and it would be one of my top 10 favorites.

    Tip- if you are reading intuitively take a long look at the images on the reversed Queen of Swords. Do you see any shapes or letters within the image?

    From my perspective the Queen of Swords reversed would represent a melting down of the colder aspects of her traditional personality when situated beside the Chariot card. The reason for this is because the Chariot card indicates a balance act of one’s opposing emotions.

    Some readers see the Queen reversed to be a real bitchy person. I use that meaning as well when certain sword cards are beside her and even the 5 of wands.

    Have you any other ideas with this duo?

    Madame Seaqueen

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