Constancy & Malady

3. CONSTANCY= Everything stays the same, this is usually positive. If you are wondering about a negative situation, it doesn’t look like it will improve.
21. MALADY= Negative well being. Illness but within the card are also clues to a recovery. Possibility of using sickness as an excuse not to deal with something or someone.

These two cards will indicate that a person’s health will most likely stay the same.  There will not be a quick recovery.

How serious is the sickness?  It will be a long drawn out episode that’s for sure.  The seriousness cannot be determined unless there is another card added to the duo.  The additional (clarifying card) following or crossing the MALADY card will reveal if there will be a full recovery or if the condition gets worse.

When pulling these 2 cards and you are wondering if something is wrong with you because you seem to be more tired than usual they will suggest that you need to rest.  You need time out for yourself.

Often people use illness as an excuse so they do not have to face challenging situations.  The basic approach shows a resistance to some sort of responsibility.  Many times we get sick because there something being neglected.  When you worry a lot you will notice that your bowels will be upset or you experience an upset tummy.  You have no choice but to pay attention to the pain in your gut.  This is only a minor example.

CONSTANCY & MALADY coming up in a reading tells you something could be wrong and because you are so busy doing whatever it is you are doing, the symptoms might be overlooked.

Pay attention to the card next to  MALADY.  Is it a promising card? Does it involved ECCLESIASTIC, HOUSE or MISFORTUNE card.

When the HOUSE card is very close by there will be a hospital connection.

When the ECCLESIASTIC makes his appearance the news is not good and the condition will worsen.

When the MISFORTUNE card is drawn there can be a life threatening situation leading to death.

NEVER predict death of the person. You DO NOT KNOW 100%. If you have a strong “knowing” feeling about it without factoring any medical information- FOLD the CARDS and end the reading. Then meditate (after the person leaves) and ask your guides why you were given the information.

Psychic information usually has nothing to do with the cards. There is a significant problem in that many people DO NOT know the difference between “psychic impressions” and “clear knowing”.  There is a HUGE difference.


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