Officer & Lover

Gipsy Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten

A question from the comments section asking about the combination of the OFFICER & LOVER cards.

27. OFFICER= As a person it will be anyone that wears a uniform. News comes from this person that is more formal than personal. If you get involved with this man, he will love you & leave you. A playboy.

20. LOVER= The special man for a female seeker of the cards. Represents the male getting the reading. If there is no one special currently -a male friend, brother. In the future spot predicts the potential of a love affair.

The two cards combined can describe a variety of themes.

It can be 2 men who are business associates or friends.  The nature of their connections will be revealed by the cards surrounding them.  Notice they are both facing the same way.  This means there is a common goal that brings them together.  They look towards the left.  This means unfinished business.

The LOVER’s “serious” side faces the OFFICER.  The jacket the Lover is wearing serves a dual role.  He is just an average guy or he is in the role of being a potential lover.  There are other factors as well.  Are you a male or female doing this 2 card reading?  When these two cards are somewhere in a larger spread & you are a female this duo will tell you that the man you are interested in is not so playful and carefree.  He is way too serious and that is a good thing sometimes especially if you are looking for a commitment.

If you are a male doing the reading, this duo describes you.  Since the OFFICER falls in the past you might have gotten news about your job, or a message of a more professional nature.  As a personality, it shows you are one of these men that plays by the rules. There is a task you must continue with whether you like it or not.  The card to the right of the LOVER will indicate if you succeed or fail.

The two cards warn you of an announcement which involves a decision.  I say ‘warn you’ because whatever you hear or learn will affect you.  You have no real say in the outcome.  Often, you will be the recipient of decisions made by others which in turn leaves you with no choice but to accept the news.

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One thought on “Officer & Lover

  1. The lover card when surrounded by other cards like this would indicate what….

    anger, jelousy, Falseness
    Fidelity. LOVER, Baby
    Sweatheart, Money, Judge
    letter, fortune, eccleastie

    I read this 2 ways
    the firt way was about the divorce the woman was going through
    and the second was also about the Love intrest she has. I want to read it both ways because of the situation can you do this, how would you read this?

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