Horary Astrology explained

A highly informative 7:50 minute video explaining the difference between Horary and Natal astrology   

The narrator speaks quickly to jam pack this video with as much info as he can. He also gives a sample reading of a Horary chart.

Horary astrology and the reading of cards  is identical.  The reason for this is because once the cards are placed in a layout they are similar to the casting of the planets.  It’s like taking a camera and photographing the planets or the cards  – the themes/answers are captured at that precise moment.

Take notice the next time when you shuffle your cards – your subconscious will guide you when to pick the cards for the layout, just like when you set up a Horary chart and record the exact positions of the planets

This is one of the reasons Richmond Olney (astrologer), famed for the Mystic Test Book was fanatical that the cards were cut at 10 second intervals on an even minute etc.  I have studied “original” Olney’s system for decades and it never ceases to amaze me at some of the hit’s of this system.  Thomas Morrell simplifies & enhances Olney’s work. He has authored a number of superb books.   It is my understanding Robert Camp went on to write a number of books and created software which is based on Olney’s system.  

I believe Camp and Morrell were pioneers in the continuation of  Olney’s work. Of course, each author brought unique blends of insights into their own systems.

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