Small Lenormand 7 clubs #23

7 Clubs- MOUSE-#23

In this particular Lenormand style deck the MOUSE card is labelled as positive because it has a pink background (top center).  The Le Petit Jeu Lenormand deck is very different from the rest of the cards on the market.

The traditional meaning of this cards is small profit or success. The negative aspect of it depicts worries and near successes.

The more popular interpretation of the MOUSE is loss in smaller amounts.  This card means step by step and does not indicate leaps.  There is a slow process as in deterioration or break down.  Despite all the not so positive connotations there is an eventual result – it can be viewed as both negative or positive.

For example, if someone is suffering through a situation or with a person and the entire process comes to an end there is a sigh relief even if it is a death.

The MOUSE is known to represent a vitamin deficiency and when coupled with the BEAR it will be calcium.

Continuing with the Astro-Mythological story ………

Lower left – an oven encasing a fire

Lower center – I’m not positive on the flower, looks like roses.

Lower right – an artist holding a tool of the trade in his left hand

Upper main –  Pan depicted by the goat is heading towards the sky while surrounded by clouds.  The man climbing the rocks could be Zeus (possibly his father) after he was victorious in his battle against Typhon.  Click on the link for more background.

The goat is the astrological symbolism of Capricorn as well, ruling the 10th house of career and ambition.

The images in this card really have nothing to do with the meaning of the Mouse.

The feeling I get from the imagery is craftiness and resourcefulness

And we all know that a mouse generally does not stay hungry for long.  When you are trying to determine how the MOUSE card influences the cards beside it, pay attention to the nature of the cards which lie beside the MOUSE.  Do the cards represent love, work, health,  etc.  Next, determine if you think the MOUSE’s influence is positive or negative.  It’s best not to jump to “traditional conclusions” and remember to allow your imagination to guide you.

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One thought on “Small Lenormand 7 clubs #23

  1. Madame, I think I have the meaning for this card. I bought the Great Lenormand and the booklet brings little information but something we can work on it. I’ll try to find it and then I’ll post ir here.

    this deck “small lenormand” is a reduction of the great one and seems not be nothing at all alike the small lenormand we work with


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