Shustah speaks

                      Unicorn    Strange Page     Lord of Contemplation

Question:  Should female X go on the road trip she is asking about today?

Using the 3 card layout of situation, influence in progress and advice I will demonstrate possible interpretations for female X’s question.


Green 3- Unicorn.  The question (situation) is not confirmed yet.  There are no definite plans made at this point.  It is just an idea.  There is energy put into the thoughts of travel.  This card does not clearly depict a road trip but it does suggest movement towards a destination.


Yellow 11 – Strange page.  This spot talks about the planning stage of any question asked.  Is the influence of the second card conducive to receiving some advice that will help in the decision making process?   Since this card is yellow it promises a relatively good influence.  I have seen the Strange page to mean a sudden change in plans.  Manser states the Egoic response is “Unexpected company”. This can mean that female X will have someone else going with her on the road trip that she did not anticipate.

In this example, the answer lies in the last card mainly because this is what was established before the laying of the cards.  The Pages of Shustah© will advice female X whether she should go on this road trip.


Green 14 – Lord of Contemplation.  Here we have a card of indecision.  The answer is not evident.  The Lord is advising female X to  think about whether she really wants to go on this road trip and what she hopes to gain.

The feeling I get from this last card is that there is an uncertainty in the general idea of travel today.  When this conclusion is merged with the first card, the Unicorn it clearly points to a spur of the moment desire.

The colors are favorable for the trip to manifest.  The advice card is suggesting that female X look at her resources as well.  Can she afford the road trip?  The cards do not depict financial loss, however, things could get out of hand due to the “unexpected” nature of the Strange page.  Overall, the road trip would be successful.

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