There are other ways to read cards

2 of Clubs.

When you are doing a reading using a standard deck of playing cards it is important to understand just what each card means.  These meanings can have a range and often change during your relationship within the practice of cartomancy.

I have found at least 2 dozen systems of reading playing cards.  About 10 of these systems are unique to the creator, the others are spin offs, copycats or a merging of several rolled into one. What I don’t like is when people do not give credit to the original designers of these systems.

Way too many people assign meanings from the Tarot to the playing cards – how is that unique?


We all know that 2 of something means cooperation or partnership is possible.  There is someone or some thing else involved.  In the Tarot (Rider), the man is holding onto a wand suggesting a choice was made.

Clubs can be wands but in the older cartomancy books they are worse than the modern spades.  So what do clubs mean?  Are we going to give them the same meaning as the wands?  If that works for you go for it.  I think part of the energy is the same.  For example: action, impulse, bluntness, speed and so on.  Many readers have given clubs the dominion of all that is business related, commerce, trade, work and even travel. 

I have found that many people want plain old fortune telling without any deep esoteric symbolism.  They do not care what relationship the playing cards have with other systems.  All they want is a reading.

How would you interpret the 2 of clubs in a layout?  There are several ways to do this.  Forget everything you have ever read on this card and start with a new meaning.  Trust me on this.  The brand new meaning you assign will materialize in the exact same way as all those hundreds of meanings for 2 of clubs.

I once had an interesting dialogue with 94stranger (Rainring cards) about reading a bag of popcorn.  It is the same concept.  You read the meanings you assign.  

NOTE:  In order for this to be successful, grab a magic marker and write 2 keywords on every card in the standard playing deck, even the joker(s) if you want. Allow yourself a few hours to do this and wait for the marker to dry, 🙂 because it will smudge.  This happened to me when I did this exercise.  

Next:  Shuffle the cards and do your favorite layout. You can remove any numbers you want to downsize the deck into 25, 32, or 40 cards.  You are in control.  The less cards in the layout the better at the beginning.  5-7 cards is good enough.  Look at the cards in front of you, link your own keywords and tell a story.  Now, really… did it matter if it was a 7 of hearts or 10 of spades you were reading?

Be a little adventurous   🙂  try something different  🙂

2 thoughts on “There are other ways to read cards

  1. Very true MS. Whether it’s playing cards or another oracle, it’s what the reader assigns meaning to the card that’s important. This is why I wasn’t sure about blogging about my experiences with the Lenormand, when there are some different views on it; and I made a promise to stay true to the meanings that I was agreeing to assign to the cards…and it’s worked famously. It’s why every reader will see something different in the same few cards, we’ve all developed our own personalised languanges/dream symbols.

    As I was first starting to learn the playing cards, I actually wrote on each card, the keywords that I was assigning to the cards and it helped me to embed the meanings 🙂 Now that I’ve expanded out in scope, I have started the exercise again, with my new definitions-
    but you’re absolutely right – you could assign anything you intuitively got, (if you’re not bogged down with subconscious meanings) and string together plenty of totally worthwhile insights.

    I am currently working with the works of Regina Russell and Leo Martello with the great help and friendship of Kapherus (Art of Cartomancy forum) and am finding the language starting to become cohesive now- it’s very exciting! I just find the entire process so fascinating, and know that I will still be studying cards in my 90’s 🙂

    What I do appreciate,(and have been meaning to say to you), is the time and effort that you have taken to share and teach different systems. For instance, the Gypsy cards…having no preconceived notions on meanings, I have embraced what you have shared and have adopted them…true for other cards too – You’re giving a wealth of information that will help people develop and keep cartomancy alive; and I am very grateful to you! lol

    Best wishes,

  2. Thanks for your comment Spiritsong.

    I appreciate your kind words and am glad you are finding the posts helpful.

    You have your GREAT style which is beneficial to many who are learning to read cards and even to some of us “more seasoned cartomancers” (wink)

    It’s people like you that make it all worth while. Hugs. Madame SQ.

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