Scythe & Cross duo predict death

Reading done in 2006

I was reviewing some of my readings when I came across these particular cards in one of my files.  The 4 Lenormand cards in the image are situated in the very bottom of the last 2 columns of the full board (36) layout.

At the time of this reading I was away on a trip some 3,000 miles from my home. (lady & ship) The ship has a dual role here because I was about to travel back to where I live within a few days of this reading.  The last column took almost 3 months before it materialized fully.

Shortly after I got home I did receive news a dear friend of mine who had been admitted to the hospital and was in pallative care.   The SCYTHE was this shocking news.  Her condition was terminal (CROSS).

The duo of the SCYTHE & CROSS foretold the death which followed.

The SHIP & CROSS could be translated to the movement towards the end of life (in this case).


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