10 spades A diamonds J clubs

The skat cards are the standard playing cards.  They consist of 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.

I have found that older meanings for playing cards tend to have quite a dramatic flare in nature.  And yet much of what is foretold does materialize for the most part, many many years later.

The Example of the trio is the

10spades.jpg spades, Adiamonds.jpg diamonds, Jclub.jpg Clubs

10spades.jpg The card of travel usually connected to a necessity. Foreign matters- a person at a distance. A major change- much depends are neighboring cards. Questions involving “time” – the answer is a long wait.

The spade doesn’t reveal any tremendous dilemma in the recent past, however it is a time card that will require patience.  The fact that there would be a long wait could be read as a delay which technically would be a minor hardship.  Maybe a trip was recently planned but the final touches have not been made.

Adiamonds.jpg The card of occupational connections. Ideas. This card brings luck to the adjoining cards. An increase of money is shown. Coupled with court cards it describes a person that is intelligent and one who will have connections in the work force.

Here we can see the issue at hand.  It is about some job condition or a way to generate additional money. The Ace is a strong card and it brings positive vibes to the delay depicted in the previous card.  It can also be the money to spend due to travel plans.  This trip could be a business trip.

Jclub.jpgIn this system, the club.jpgs lean towards the modern day spades.jpg meanings. This card is the person that no one really likes. He or she is found as the instigator of troubles. If you are asking about a favorable outcome and this Jack comes up, the answer comes but not without a struggle.

Who is this bothersome Jack?  We know he is not as dumb as he looks because the Ace is beside him.  He would have financial smarts.  He is having some difficulty finalizing the travel plans, perhaps he is unable to get the time off work or find a suitable replacement.

Looking at the colors of the suitsspades.jpgdiamonds.jpgclub.jpg we can determine the hardships of the spades lie to the left, in the passing stage.  The diamonds signify a situation which is of value to the reader following by the growth out of the spades circumstances as the result.

Here we know that whatever these cards suggest the outcome will be more promising than if the trio ended in a spade.

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