Ambivalence of the Scythe- Lenormand

The Scythe

Interestingly, the SCYTHE is the #10 card which symbolically represents the completion of a situation prior to the changes that follow.  In this case, the #10 applies but in most of the other cards in the Lenormand style decks, the numbers are not rooted in any kind of systematic order.

Why is the SCYTHE card ambivalent? Despite the fact that it clearly slices off any further development of situations in question which usually “startle” us out of our supposed balance, it will also clear the way for something new. The latter in the long run is in our best interest.

END – the ending is different than the coffin card.  It is final and usually unexpected.  The COFFIN card holds within it other avenues to pursue which is depicted by the cards which follow it.  The SCYTHE card holds no hope because it is forcing you to really take a look at what just left your life permanently.

RELEASE – often in our lives the release of challenging situations or people is welcome.  The Karma has been played out and there is no point learning the same lessons over and over.  If you have gotten to the stage of recognizing Karmic undertones in some of your experiences you will understand this.

DETACHMENT – as a contribution to describe someone’s personality, there is an indifference in attitude. The person won’t want to or know how to react to various situations.

JACK OF DIAMONDS – not all Lenormand decks display the playing cards associated with them.  As I have said before, they do not blend in with the core essence of the representation of the image within the card. The Jack should be considered though.  If you apply your own meanings to the Jack, you can make some sense but really only in the fact it is a younger fair haired male.  It is important to merge the meanings of the SCYTHE to this male.  He is responsible or involved in the manifestation of this ending or release.

TIP– look to see which card is facing  the point of the SCYTHE.  This card will reveal who or what is being removed.  It doesn’t have to be so drastic & could be something which is not life threatening or monumental.

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4 thoughts on “Ambivalence of the Scythe- Lenormand

  1. hello,
    I have a question regarding to this card.I did a spread asking “Is X the right partner for me?”.I decided to choose only 3 cards,no representative card and I had this combination:
    Man+ Ring+ Scythe
    While I was suffling the cards The Key jumped out.
    The Key represents wishes fulfilled,success,solution that is in the querent’s hand.
    The Ring is the dominant card in this spread and represents relationship,commitment even marriage.
    Man+ Ring= a man is involved in a relationship or a commitment.As I know this man isn’t married so I take this combination as being the relationship.
    Ring + Scythe- a connection or relationship happens unexpected.A surprising contract/marriage.
    I wonder if I interpreted correctly this spread.
    Thank you very much

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    My answer to your questions will be posted over the next few days.

    My schedule only permits limited responses in offering interpretations for more than 1 card. The good news is I will be offering a unique service on another website towards the end of July which gives people the opportunity to pose their questions. (this will be announced on the blog)

    Happy Cartomancy.

    Madame Seaqueen

  3. Hello

    In the light of a question about: What are he’s real feelings for me, I got the scythe card, upside down, and the tower.
    The blade of the scythe isn’t really facing anything.

    What this could possible say?

    • Thanks for your comment and question. Traditionally, Lenormand is not read reversed but I do read these cards reversed if they happen to fall that way. In my view, the Scythe would lose some of its power upside down. The energy of the card would not have the potency to slice or eliminate or deliver unexpected energy to the Tower’s meaning. The energy is stuck so this could mean “he” is stuck in his feelings and not certain. Coupled with Tower …maybe more pressing situations are on his mind. I would draw a clarification card or do a 3 card layout for this type of question or the Heart layout which you can find —-> HERE <—– Madame Seaqueen

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