#36 Cross – Lenormand

The Cross #36

The symbol of the cross has had a long time association with pain and suffering.  

The cross we bear -when life’s problems weigh us down. Depending on  which deck you are using or viewing for the purpose of study -you will intuitively resonate with the imagery in your own special way.  You may not see the Cross as a card of hardship or sorrow.  

The Cross has very powerful energy and it is less likely to be influenced by other cards in the deck.  This card will do the influencing because it is a master card.

Some Common and Explorative suggestions.

  • A test- a promise of completion.
  • Karmic situations- Hermetic principle of Cause and Effect.
  • A sure thing.
  • Hardships. Sadness-loss.
  • Heaviness of responsibilities.
  • Connections to a suffering situation or person.
  • Learning a lesson through sacrifice. The examination.
  • The answer has come- did you hear it? 

It is important to remember that you can experience  the Cross card at various stages of development. It does not have to be a negative experience because each “test” in life leads to awareness & understanding. As with a student who has completed the semester and will face others to be tested, graded and given the passing marks to move forward.

A few tips in interpretation.

The #36 Cross Card is the same as the Red Stop sign you see at the street corner when you are driving your vehicle. If you don’t stop and look both ways you could get hurt because you may not have the right of way. Sometimes other people and situations have the right of way. Your turn will come when you learn or understand the “lesson” that has been put on your path.

In the layout – falling at the end of a row or column of cards, or end of the spread the Cross will bring closure.  It is advisable not to push your ego driven desires beyond that.  Be patient and wait it out.  

If you were to ask a question that can be answered with a simple yes or no,

 the Cross card is like a double edged sword.    

Not all no answers are negative and not all yes answers are positive.

 🙂   it means both yes &  no  🙂                                 HOME page

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3 thoughts on “#36 Cross – Lenormand

  1. I have an event I’m going to on October 17th. There’s a man I’m interested in that’s going to be there. I asked how the event would turn out. I pulled: Garden+Cross+Clover. For me that’s a fated event that turns out quite nicely.

    • Hello. Thanks for your comment. If you are asking how the event will turn out because the man you are interested in will be there the cards lean towards an eventual positive experience. Clover ending the layout tends to suggest any initial awkwardness (cross) which may occur will be short and pass by quickly. 20+36+2= 58 = 13 the Child. As a hidden influence the Child card could represent new beginnings or a fresh start in a situation.

      • This is interesting because the second row was Moon+Man+Child. I have a feeling things will work out. I laughed when I saw the child because he’s younger than me! lol I love your website. It has been a tremendous help!

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