Simple Situation Layout

Layouts don’t have to be complicated.   Much information can be arrived at using few cards. Sometimes we just want to know where we are at and really have no question in mind.  The Simple Situation layout requires on 5 cards.  The Lady if you are a female and the Gentleman if you are a male, provided you are using one of the Lenormand style cards.

This layout works with the Tarot as well.  Just pull out a card that resonates with you to represent yourself and place it in the middle.  Follow the diagram below.

1. Past- an influence that just happened.

The Rider card brings news, messages and announcements.  Since it falls in the past the person heard something just recently, maybe even the day before doing the reading.  At this point it cannot be determined if this message is positive or negative.  When you study card 2 in the Now spot you will have a better idea.

2. Now- in the present.  It can reveal what is going on currently.

The Anchor card often represents one’s job or career.  It will also lend a supportive influence to card #1, the Rider and only because it is positive in nature.  It is very clear the person received news around a situation closely connected to work.

3. & 4. Future – these two cards describe what’s coming up, in the next few weeks.  The top future card is linked to the past.  It is similar to the result.  The bottom future card is linked to the Now card.  It will give you an overall outcome.

The top future card is the Birds.  When you hook this card up with the Rider (past card), it will suggest news that creates worry and nervous tension.  The bottom future card is the Scythe. The news that came in regarding the job or some form of security (anchor) has an unwanted ending for the most part.   There is a severance involved, it can be the loss of a job or a completion of a contract.

The Scythe card is always a warning to prepare yourself for some swift action.  It does have positive meanings as well.  Maybe the person is unhappy at their workplace and this situation comes as a relief.  In that aspect, it will suggest the end of worries caused by news around the job.

The Birds card is also a “time” card.  It means within “2”.  Whatever this situation is, it will come to pass with 2 weeks or 2 months tops.

The above interpretation is very basic but it gives a rather direct message.  Other information can be determined by these cards.  If you did have a specific question, then you would revolve the cards around the nature of the question.  It may not involve work, it could involve someone’s well being or a relationship.

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