open ended 4 card layout

I will use 4 cards from the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck to illustrate an open ended 4 card layout.  There are no designations assigned to the spots.  They will be read like a sentence, linking one card with another resulting in a theme.

This type of layout is good when you want to just read the cards as is.  You can use more than 4 cards or as little as 2.  I believe that no matter how hard you focus on a question, you will not always select the cards to give you the answer that is connected to the original question.  Most of the time you do, but not every time.  I’m not sure why this happens but I think it is because a person may be thinking about one thing and have deeper feelings about something else.

These 4 cards will represent the present or current time leading into the near future.  The last card can be viewed as the outcome/result card.  In the example, we are dealing with a man and a woman.  I will read these cards as if it is a female who cast the reading.

You can look up the brief meanings for the entire deck under the header tab called  “zigeuner”

Sweetheart – the female doing the cards

Anger – the emotion she is feeling right now or will in a very short time

Lover – a male she is involved with

Death – conclusion, end, finalization, the outcome of the entire experience of the previous cards

Our main card for analysis is the Anger card.  Common sense dictates there is an argument involved or some conflict in communication.  The very in depth description can be downloaded  —->visit the direct link to  SCRIBD website.

That sounds way too easy doesn’t it.  Well maybe that is all it is, a “fight” which is sometimes normal for couples.  This “fight” is different, though.  The dynamics of the relationships will change dramatically. There will be an ending.  Most likely the female will know why this argument is happening or about to happen. Any plans that these two people did have will be cancelled temporarily.  If you wanted to at this point you could draw one more card to get a better idea why this fight is happening.  Place it across the Lover card. This new card will reveal to you what is on the Lover’s mind.

The card crossing (clarification) is Merriment.  He could be thinking about the good time he had with someone else and this is why they are having heated words.  If the last card was a positive one (which it is not), Merriment would be read as the male being a peace loving individual who was easy going and who really did not want to argue.  Maybe the Sweetheart lady instigated it.

Anger + Merriment= points to passion, intense emotions that come from a situation that gives much pleasure of the senses.  One of these people is having an affair or relations outside of the relationship.  The consequences of this affair will lead to an ending between the Sweetheart and Lover.  No matter what happened the relationship will never be the same.

Can it be salvaged?  We all know that in order for the birth of anything new, something dies. Yes, they can still be together if they forgive each other and rise above it.  And who can really do that when heightened emotions are involved.  Merriment suggests his thoughts are elsewhere.  He just wants to have fun and probably isn’t too seriously involved with the Sweetheart even if he is her husband.

Other interpretations are possible & can be more specific when you do your own layout.

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2 thoughts on “open ended 4 card layout

  1. i need help please? when im doing my own reading do i put sweetheart down? or what? and how many cards do i need 2 put down in order 2 do my own reading?

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your comment.
    For this simple layout, the cards were strategically selected by me to demonstrate the reading.

    Just shuffle the entire deck, and pick four cards at random and lay them 4 across in a row. It is a good idea to think of a question during shuffling.

    The cards will reveal to you circumstances surrounding your question.

    If you are not clear on any one of the 4 cards, select another card and place it over the card which you aren’t certain about to get more information.

    Meditate on each card until you “feel” you have a meaning for it. It can be a meaning of your own related to your question. You will be surprised at how easily you will be able to read the cards. Trust your intuition.
    Hope that helps.

    Madame Seaqueen.

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