from Contessa

lacontessa June 26, 2008 at 10:56  

Greetings Seaqueen!

Once again I am grateful for your wonderful and informative blog. I wanted to share with you – I had drawn several cards yesterday and was having difficulty with the meanings:

Moon – heart – birds – lady

Yesterday evening my son (who I think of as my heart) started to walk. I knew something would happen in the evening hours that involved someone I love dearly and that it was have the potential to be a very emotional; I was unclear as to where the birds fit (since they are typically worries and communication). While this new development is somewhat “worrisome” (my job will be harder as a mother) it was more exciting. I was unaware of the message of protection and nurturing that is also associated with this card. It does make much more sense to me that way, in this particular instance.

Thank you again!



Madame Seaqueen July 8, 2008 at 6:23 

Hi Contessa,

Thanks for your comment and kind words. Sorry it took so long for me to respond, I am usually very prompt. I am focusing on another project right now but will be back soon to blog some more about the various cards I write about.

I was reviewing the cards that you have drawn MOON-HEART-BIRDS-LADY and would like to add a few suggestions.

The Birds do mean protection and nurturing. In some of the Lenormand decks there is a bird feeding a baby bird, hence comes the nurturing aspect of this card. I think there are many positive attributes with this card because “a bird” is very much a creature of instinct. They accept their responsibilities to feed the young. The cards seem to fit in very nicely with the situation around your son and yes he will be represented by the heart in this case.

When the MOON+HEART are side by side, it will intensify your feelings about every little thing that goes on with your son. BIRDS also indicate speech. The BIRDS beside the LADY (your card) shows a female who may fuss or fret but that is because she wants to do what she feels is right. Worrying about the fact your son will be walking only comes from the desire to protect him from any harm. This is natural.

Since the BIRDS card is behind you tells me that perhaps you have had some emotional disturbances in other areas connected to relationships (HEART). These relationships do not necessarily had to be with males, they can be with other females (MOON). The disturbances can be conflicts of interest, perhaps in child rearing?

I hope this interpretation sheds some more light on these cards. Seaqueen.


Contessa July 9, 2008 at 3:11 

Very interesting, and you are correct. I had an issue with a cousin who is now expecting her first child. I have been very conflicted about it recently – she was very critical of me and has now found herself in a similar situation.

Thank you so much, I appreciate your insight immensley – I learned something new yet again!

Best of luck on your creative endeavor. I look forward to hearing of its successful completion!


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