#1 The Rider

9♥  The Rider #1

The Rider card is all about news or messages that are on their way.  It can be results or information that you are waiting for.  This card by itself is neutral energy because it is influenced by the card preceding it, either before or above it in a layout.

Many combinations can be ascertained that are common sense just by looking at the images or by using traditional key meanings.  It is more adventurous to step out of the box and try to formulate meanings that are not so obvious.  When you do this you are exercising your psychic muscles and it is good practice to do this as often as you can. In time you will be able to do it naturally and won’t need to rely on books or other people’s meanings.  The meanings become your own and when you test them you will find out how close you were in the prediction of events.

The Rider card brings news situated to the left of it just like the Stork card brings the changes from the card preceding it.  Often this card suggest travel as well but not long distances, more like errands.

Traditionally if the Rider card accompanies the Snake+ Clouds cards there will be an announcement of some type.  It can be an engagement or marriage. Frankly, I don’t see the connection 🙂 because I think the Heart or Ring cards should be very close to these cards as well.

Perhaps it is a meeting  with a travel agent because the Rider does represent matters that are  foreign in nature.

In romantic situations there is the suggestion of being introduced to someone new, especially if the Child card is involved.    If you are a female (Lady card) and the Rider is beneath or following you can be sure that you will receive a telephone call or email from a male that wants to get together most likely on the same day. When you are a male (Gentleman), the Rider will be a buddy or even a brother.

In career questions there is an indication of a job offer with the promise of growth.  Look for the Anchor card to verify this.  Cards negative in nature following will reveal to you if strong opportunities will be available or not. Other work cards are the Fox and the Fish.

Bad news:   Scythe, mountain, coffin and cross are the cards that influence the Rider’s meaning to be negative.

We all know the Clover card is about speed or within a short time.  If you are wanting an answer to a problem you can expect a fast solution and it will be crystal clear when the Key card joins the duo.

With this particular style of Lenormand, I see the Rider to represent a greeting.  Someone popping by to say hello.  A chance meeting in a mall or in the grocery store.  It is all about synchronicity. It is believed that you meet up with the people you are suppose to for a reason. There is an exchange of information necessary.  I see this card to be Karmic in nature.  Often we run into people who share things with us that we were  just wondering about and presto you get a name, location or referral.

In regards to situations that feel Karmic in nature, the old DEJÁ VU feeling can be experienced as well.

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2 thoughts on “#1 The Rider

  1. If” you are a female (Lady card) and the Rider is beneath or following you can be sure that you will receive a telephone call or email from a male that wants to get together most likely on the same day. ”

    Will this be the man the querent lady is interested to hear from and or a love interest? Suppose I am a lady and i am interested in some man or he is my love interest and I am hoping and waiting for a call from him or to hear from him and Rider card appears following Lady card representing me, so I am hoping I will hear from the man I am waiting to hear from and not just any random male.

    • Thank your for your question. In my experience, it is the man you would be thinking about that would be important to you. Usually, when we do Readings we have something or someone on our minds. It should be at least within a day. Seaqueen

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