#8 Coffin Lenormand

COFFIN.  9 of Diamonds.

The coffin is primarily a negative card and it’s influence is less positive in nature. The other cards will reveal to you what has ended. Endings are not always a bad thing. Sometimes when a person is suffering or struggling an end is a relief and provides closure.

Through the death of something comes the opportunity for another direction.  Many times there is no choice in the matter and we often do not really know why.

The coffin also means a test.  A situation that challenges your inner fortitude.  A hurdle to jump over.

Traditionally when the coffin is beside the lady (if you are a female getting the reading) and gentleman (if you are a male getting the reading) it signifies a serious health setback that can be physical in nature or even emotional.  Other cards such as the Scythe, Cross and Mountain must fall within close proximity to the Coffin in order for this “meaning” to be even considered.  OR the same applies to your significant other (the person you are involved with).

FOX – if you read the fox to mean work as one of it’s meanings when combined with the COFFIN it will suggest the end of work.  Completions of work come in many ways such as retirement, the fulfillment of contractual work, lay offs and even getting fired (but this is more likely if the SCYTHE is involved).

If you read the FOX to mean “wrong” or not true there could be false information when combined with the COFFIN and you should not accept anything as final.

ANCHOR – this card suggests security and from that we can conclude “something solid”.  When combined with the COFFIN it can depict “something solid” in the body, like a growth.  The TREE card needs to be very close in order to consider this theme.

If you read the ANCHOR to represent work/career then the meaning suggests an occupational illness.

CROSS – one of the meanings is a situation that points to “suffering” or a burden.  Coupled with the COFFIN, there is pain associated with an ending.  Often this comes through a tragedy or unforeseen circumstance that induces a major emotional response.

When the CROSS precedes the COFFIN the pain will end.  When the CROSS follows the COFFIN there is more to come and the situation repeats itself. For instance, the HEART involving a relationship.

GARDEN – I know from experience what this duo means.  It is a funeral home and/or cemetery. The celebration of the death/life of someone.   Many times you can deduce it to mean a hospital when combined with the COFFIN.  Usually the TREE card is close by.

There are a variety of Lenormand decks and not all of them have the coffin with the drape over it.  If your card does, pay attention to which card the drape points to.  The card facing the drape is what is ending. The card facing the open part signifies the new beginning or opportunity.

A coffin is usually a decorative box.   There might be someone inside and there might not be.  We don’t know for sure just by looking at the image.   I think that there is room to stretch the imagination on this point because it casts an uncertainty and small doubt as to the contents of the coffin.  What exactly are you grieving?

It is not truly over until all the emotions have been experienced and you get to the point of acceptance.

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