Probable versus Outcome

The Celtic cross is one of the more popular layouts to use when asking the Tarot for guidance to a specific question.  Actually, any deck of cards can be placed in this spread.

Card #5 (above card #1) has been long associated with the Potential future.  This card will reveal to you what “might” happen in regards to your question based on the action or lack of action represented by Card #6 (to the right of card #1),  not shown in image.

I used to read Card #5 as the Distant Future card and that means the development after the manifestation of the Outcome card #10. As always it is a personal choice and for that matter the core positions vary considerably as well in the laying of the cards. The Staff cards (7, 8, 9, 10) have stayed pretty much the same except card #9 which traditionally represented hopes/fears but can also be read to be the immediate influence leading to the Outcome.

Crossing Influence card #2 – Does this card contain positive free flowing energy or is the energy withheld, stagnant or less positive?   Card #2 will reveal your opportunities or challenges in reaching the “answer” in card #10 – the Outcome.

There are many factors to consider when interpreting the Celtic cross. I think what is important is to follow some sort of guideline that you feel the most comfortable with.  This does not mean you can’t change your interpretation of the positions in the Celtic cross when you do another reading.  

Many readers, including myself believe that the cards will tell you what it is you need to know with respect to the question.  Sometimes the cards are way off and there is little sense to be made regarding the question.  In instances like this a more open approach is necessary such as a willingness to “look” at what you might be missing is so far as the lessons and principles of the cards, especially the Major Arcana.

*Often, it is not about what you are asking*

*it is about what you are not asking*

Interpretation of study layout…  …To Follow… 

4 of Wands –  Crossing card

This card would definitely be a good one because it indicates a victory of sorts.  There will be reason to celebrate or to feel as though you have made great progress in achievements.



3 of Swords- Crowning card.  Probable future.

This card shows a disappointment in some respects but more on an intellectual level.  The ego gets a beating and it feels as though it hurts but if you look closely at the 3 of swords in the layout, there is no dripping blood to signify a deep wound.  It is raining in the background and this can mean something might come up temporarily to create a setback.

When analyzing this position- card #6 should be studied.  The reason for this is because the 3 of swords is the result of the pending imminent circumstances which could lead to the manifestation of the disappointment.  

You can avert or bypass many situations by taking the advice of the cards especially if they appear negative in nature.  However, there is a thing called destiny.  And much of destiny is rooted in your subconscious.

9 of Pentacles – Outcome

Who wouldn’t want this as a result?  It implies abundance. When you have more than you can handle you can become emotionally attached to those “things”.  There is a strong suggestion that there will be a promising financially linked result. 

One important thing to remember is that even though the 3 of swords may come to pass it is only the stage before you step into the garden of abundance.  Many times in life a huge setback is not understood at the time but months later it all makes sense.  🙂

The 9 of Pentacles is about relying on yourself.  There is both a positive and negative connotation to the previous statement.  Does this mean help from others is not forthcoming? Does it mean that you will have to count on just yourself?  

The crossing card shows a happy outcome but something will probably come up (3 of swords) that looks like a goal may not be achieved in the way one wants.  All indication is by the last card that the goal will be reached within the time frame designated prior to the laying of the cards.

What else could the 9 of pentacles suggest?  

The lady holds a  falcon.  Symbolically, this bird represents visions and wisdom. How badly do you want your goal?   The falcon has the reputation of one pointed focus & thus can kill at command.  How far will you go to get what you want? The lady in the garden did not get this garden by pure chance, she worked very hard (8 of pentacles previous card) and she had to learn many tools of the trade so to speak.  It all boils down to  life-tools.

The 9 of pentacles in it’s highest expression is all about  getting what you want.

Robin Wood Tarot illustrated to demonstrate the topic of the post & for it’s artistic symbolism.

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