Gypsy Bijou study reading. Elements Layout.

The Simple Elements Layout

CURRENT THOUGHTS – Card 24 The Heart

The card that falls in this spot will reveal to you where the energy of your thoughts is. It does not matter which  [way]you selected to do this reading.

The question of the study sample is supported by a very positive card.  #24 deals with an emotional attachment directly connected to the question.  If you were doing this reading for someone else you would know that they are thinking about something they love or about someone they love.  People have feelings of love for different things. The energy of the person’s thoughts point to a situation that is very important and they really, really want it.

YOUR FEELINGS – Card 9 The Bouquet.

The second card will expose the emotions going on.  The feelings can range.  

#9 brings additional strength and reinforcement to the first card.  The feelings of happiness around this person getting the reading suggests a very positive emotional pattern.  Traditionally, the bouquet or flowers suggests a gift of some type.  Gifts come in many ways and gifts are not always wrapped up in a pretty bow.  When interpreting this card it is important to remember that even though it is highly positive, utilizing it’s positive energy will require input and a continued good outlook towards any situation.

So far we know the person is thinking about something near and dear to their heart.  Their emotions are equally charged up in this direction.  The next step is to look at the plan of action and how are they going to “act” (next card) on this which will lead to the possible result or outcome (last card).

You can desire, think or yearn all you want but you need to back it up with action.  Sure many situations are not totally in your control but if you do not try, you will always wonder “what if”.

PLAN OF ACTION – #15 The Bear.

The card that has been placed here will provide options or a suggestive energy to apply directly connected to cards #1 & #2. This is what you should do.  Depending on which card falls here, a way to the solution will be shown.  If you see a card of inaction and you do not change that then do not be surprised if the result in card #4 is negative or not to your liking.  Of course there are times when no action is the best course but you will have to intuitively determine that yourself.

#15 is a powerful card filled with action energy.  It has been given the meanings of “jealousy” as well in relation to flaunting you achievements.  Greatness does not come in bragging about what you’ve done or by putting someone else down.  There is every indication within the Bear card that good fortune can be achieved through application of force.  This force IS NOT by coercion (in this case).  It is an inner strength.  At this point you should be suggesting to the person getting the reading done that in order to benefit from a new situation (last card Child) a firm plan of action is necessary.

The person is in an excellent position in relation to their question or thoughts.  Any action taken backed by pure intention coupled with positive emotions will surely lead them to the outcome they want.

WHAT CAN HAPPEN- #13 The Child

The last card is the result, outcome or probable solution.  Here you will find what happens when you apply action coupled with emotions regarding something on your mind.  The previous cards will be very beneficial to you because within each card is a promise for success regardless if initially it appears negative.  You have a choice in most areas of your life.  This card will show you the by-product of your efforts.

#13 in the last spot promises advancement.  Yes a new beginning or a situation in it’s preliminary stage. The Child suggests that the person has not reached their full potential yet. The fact that Bear has made it’s appearance in the action spot of the Simple Elements layout means they will come into their power and succeed in whatever it was they wanted to have or do.

Despite the fact that there are only 4 cards in this layout, you really do have to think about what the cards mean in the positions.  It is a great exercise in expanding your awareness and perhaps taking the meanings into completely different directions.  

I did not factor the court cards into this study reading because the Gypsy Bijou fortune telling deck does not have them.  This does not mean you should omit them.  You can still add them to get another dimension to the reading.

Traditional is good. Exploratory is exciting.  🙂

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