Gypsy Bijou in Layout

I haven’t played with the Gypsy Bijou fortune telling cards by Minetta for quite awhile.  I really like this deck. It was manufactured in 1969 and the cards are in astoundingly good condition for their age and the quality of the card stock.

This deck has been nicknamed “Gypsy Cards” which is confusing because the

Bruno Bieri deck (1994) is named the Tziganes Lenormand which translates to Gypsy Lenormand.  Also, the Ziguener Wahrsagekarten deck is called the “true legend gipsy deck but it is spelled GIPSY.  


The Gypsy Bijou deck does not have the inset of the the playing card but it does have  a general meaning right on the card.  The meaning is in English and it does not come in any sort of rhyme -it is direct and to the point. Some of the cards have a few combo meanings as well.  


If you are a beginner it will save you time looking up the meanings.  If you are a seasoned reader these meanings will remind you of the spirit of each card.

In the study layout following this introductory post I will use the Simple Elements layout consisting of only 4 cards to demonstrate this reading.  I decided to upload the Simple Elements layout instructions to the SCRIBD website for easier download in PDF format.   You can also find it under the tab under the Ask my Cards header called Simple Layouts* as well as the Simple Trigger layout. 

Reading to follow……..

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3 thoughts on “Gypsy Bijou in Layout

  1. It is possible to still purchase these cards????
    Finding proper gypsy cards is very different – I like to keep my playing and gypsy card readings totally seperate.
    Thanks for your postings very interested

  2. i have a pack of gipsy cards by minetta the same pack u have on your website ! , it do have the booklet that explains how to do a reading, but is there or do you have a web site reguarding meanings of cards 🙂

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