Card Lovers Community Directory



In lieu of wanting to expand my blogroll/website links, I will start this directory by adding links that I already have and I hope to increase the directory so that it will be useful to others.

If you want the url of your blog or website to be added to the directory please tell me the following information in the comments section.  


  1. the name of your blog/website 
  2. a brief description of your blog/website
  3. the functional url
  4. your user name
Your information will appear in the tab under the Ask my Cards header called “CARD LOVERS COMMUNITY DIRECTORY”.  Please be patient as this may take several weeks.

It’s all about being united with others through the love of Cartomancy.



9 thoughts on “Card Lovers Community Directory

  1. Hi SeaQueen –

    Thank you for the listing in the Card Lovers directory – I’m very flattered!

    I don’t know if you’re aware of Medlindaf’s site – Tarot d’Eltynne. Medlindaf is the artist who recently published the Tarot d’Eltynne, which is an updated (as in *much prettier*, and to my mind, more truly representative) version of the Oracle Belline. He also gives some history of the oracle, some good layouts, interpretive techniques, and if you click on the Cards link, it takes you to a page showing all the cards and their meanings – it’s applicable to both Belline and the Eltynne, and the site is translated into English, German, and Italian, as well as the original French.

    The English version is at:

    Best –

  2. Hi Chanah,
    Thank you for your comment and the link to Medlindaf’s website. I will include it in the Card Lovers Community Directory so that others can benefit from the information as well. Your blog is an asset to the directory because it provides superb content. Madame Seaqueen.

  3. Hi SQ,

    Thanks for adding my blog to the directory as well! Your directory is such a good idea – so much more information that is included in a blogroll. It is an asset to all who are interested in cards and card reading.


  4. Hi SeaQueen,

    What an exciting, fun and helpful addition to your site!! I just love visiting the cartomancy/ tarot/ oracle card blogs and your directory makes them even easier to *Bookmark*! Thank you so much for adding Soulscape Tarot & Astrology. I am planning to expand with a section on cartomancy and oracle cards in the near future.

    In case you don’t already have this on your list, the Hedgewytchery site is very interesting. It contains an excellent three-part tutorial on the cards. The url is

    Thanks again & Blessings,
    Mary Hawkins

  5. Hi SQ,

    My friend Cat & I would like to be added to your list, although I’m not sure if you are specifically looking for cartomancy sites, as ours is predominantly tarot and oracles at present. If not, I would also suggest adding Lynda Hills sabian symbol site

    Thanks for your new blog roll, great idea which I’m looking forward to using 🙂

    Many thanks & blessings
    x Mouse

  6. Hi Madame SQ,

    Could you please add my blog to your Directory? It was there at one point but I don’t see it now.

    The Information:

    In The Cards

    My use and interpretation of many different Oracle and Tarot decks with deck reviews and other articles that might interest card readers

    Sammie – user name.


  7. Hi Madame SQ,

    Nevermind my previous comment! 😳

    I found my blog listed further down the list – it just wasn’t in alphabetical order! I’m sorry for the mixup. 😳


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