glimpse at past celtic reading

.The Tarot Reading was laid out in April and I will review some of the cards to determine how they manifested. It has been nearly 2 months and since the Celtic cross was done. The purpose of this post is to explore the cards in direct reference to what has already come to pass for the person – female D.

.The cards in the image belong to the Robin Wood deck. They are shown to demonstrate this particular reading and to display the beauty of the art work. 

.This is one of my more regular decks that I use but I only use it when the person has a totally direct question, such as in this case.

.The question is, “will I find a new job?”  It seems this type of question is ever so popular these days and the index of change in career or jobs is very high.  Some of this could be because people stay at jobs out of pure financial necessity and  become completely unhappy as time goes on.  I think that much of this unhappiness stems from within and the job merely reflects the state of mind or attitude of the person. It does boil down to addressing one’s self worth…. and that is whole other topic to write about  🙂 

.There are 2 cards that stand out in this reading.  The last card Queen of Swords, the crowing card 10 of Swords and maybe the (hopes and fears spot) The Moon.

.Note: Female D was unemployed at the time of the reading.  Before I continue, I will say that the question was answered within 1 lunar month of this layout.  Female D is now working at a new job.

.The only card that would give any indication that the answer is “yes” to her question is the 9 of Cups in the 8th spot.  This spot would represent the employer who hired her.  It does not describe the employer but the card does grant D.’s wish.  After all, it is the wish card.  How lucky is that!

.Traditionally, the Queen of Swords is not the best card in position 10 representing the outcome.  After reviewing the cards I came to the conclusion that the associated meanings of this queen do mean responsibility and taking thing seriously.  Accepting a new job is a responsibility and usually the person is very serious at the beginning when they are getting trained.

.The Queen also suggested that D. will be in a position of much “intellectual” or “mental” pressure which she can handle.  The Queen of Swords has tough skin.

.The crowning card (10 of swords) is suppose to represent the probable future and what could have happened.  I don’t always read card 5 like this but in this case I did because I wanted to point out how important it was to learn and put into practical practice the lessons of card 6, The Chariot. 

.I have detailed the Chariot in another post by saying.    

The CHARIOT card suggests mastery over emotions.  The balancing of a situation that could at any given moment be out of complete control. When I see this card in position #1 I know the person is relying heavily on “faith”. It does no good to whip conditions into submission and obedience because those same conditions can carry you down a road you are not prepared to go on.  

.In this reading the Chariot is not in position 1 but the same “meaning” applied to position 6.  It was important for D. to remain centered during her job search and through the disappointments she experienced by getting rejections or received absolutely no responses to resume that she sent out.

.I’m not going in any particular order of post-interpreting this reading because I want to target the significant cards.

.Card 2- Page of Pentacles and Card 7- 8 of Pentacles are good indicators of learning a new job or skills. This was an evident clue that a new job was coming.

.The 10 of swords in position 5 shows what could have manifested if D. lost control of the horses (emotions, drive, focus) in the Chariot card.  This is not to say that this card’s traditional meaning (defeat) is not looming somewhere in the future.  It is a card of intellectual defeat or predicts a danger of information overload.

.Why did I add another card beside the Queen of Swords?  Well, mainly because I wanted to know more about the Queen card. Was she to represent D., a friend or a  foe?  Or did she depict personality traits?

.TWO of CUPs confirmed the the negotiation of the new job.  The Queen also represented the female employer who hammered out the details surrounding the new job. She was a woman with great authority who was very business minded.    It was a mutually agreed decision.

And what about the Moon card?  I use the Moon as a time marker – 1 lunar month. I think it is vital for D. not to let her imagination get the better of her because what looks good on the surface could … lead to the development of the 10 of swords. In other words, D. needs to remain positive and to be very careful of her attitude towards her new job.  Now is not the time to fear, doubt, or be insecure regarding her potential and natural skills.

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