Overview of Tarot

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Celtic Cross – Radiant Tarot

I want to share some insights regarding some of the cards in the Celtic cross layout.  Overall, this reading is filled with higher energy cards.  There are 5 major arcana which indicates external forces at work.  This means that the reading is not geared towards mundane situations even though a mundane question may have been asked.  

When there is a preponderance of Majors the suggestion is that “lessons” need to be learned.  The teachings of the Keys are targeting your inner world.

I look at the Majors as TRIGGER cards somewhat similar to the Simple Trigger Layout.  

The image below is the central part of the Celtic cross. I will be focusing on the Chariot, World, Ace of Wands and Sun cards. In the upper left image you can see all of the cards, including the 4 of Cups as the result/outcome to the readings.

Position 1- CHARIOT.  The 1st spot describes the aura around the question or the current energies surrounding the person.  It can reveal their current state of mind.  The CHARIOT card suggests mastery over emotions.  The balancing of a situation that could at any given moment be out of complete control. When I see this card in position #1 I know the person is relying heavily on “faith”. It does no good to whip conditions into submission and obedience because those same conditions can carry you down a road you are not prepared to go on.  

Position 2- WORLD. The card of completion. An ending of the cycle of a situation or emotional attitude. Traditionally this card means freedom of mundane worry.  There is also balance within this card.  The 4 corner display symbols of the elements.  As the crossing card, the World will lend a positive influence to the remaining cards.  Even though the 4 of cups is the last card, symbolically the “4” indicates emotional balance despite the image of the bored male sitting under a tree contemplating the cups.

Position 6 – ACE of WANDS.  The beginning of action.  In this spot the released energy from the single wand will be experienced because of the energy (lessons) emitted from the CHARIOT and WORLD cards. The new birth will come through the Ace.  A new direction is necessary because the emotional power of the CHARIOT cannot be contained much longer.  You can only control things for so long.  Unfortunately much energy is expended when you try and control, even your own self. It should be as effortless as the figure within the wreath in the WORLD card.

TIMING.  When an Ace falls in the 6th spot it is a very good indicator of the time frame for the entire reading. It would be about 13 weeks – a season.  

Some readers use the 10th card to determine the time.  The 4 of Cups would be the 4th week into the summer.  If the Ace of Wands represents the spring, then it would make sense to say that 13 weeks + 4 weeks would be the more precise time frame. Within 17 weeks.

Position 8 – SUN.  This is the “yes” card.  No matter where the teachings of the SUN card fall you can expect an uplifting experience.  Notice that the 4 of Swords is in the 7th spot. Another card of balance, this time on the intellectual plane.  A card of meditative thinking.  What has begun in the Ace will require some quiet contemplation.  The knight will awaken due to the warm rays of the sun. It is a sign that the new beginning will be surrounded by wholesome happiness.  

Generally this spot is to represent the environment or other people’s thoughts.  In this reading, I see it as the next step in the development of the person getting the reading.  There is purity in the seeds of a new beginning.  There is hope.  

The Magician in position 9 will pick up the wand of the Ace and create all the circumstances which will eventually lead to the completion (WORLD) of the situation that is facing the person getting the reading done (CHARIOT). 

Where does the 4 of cups fit into all of this?  As an outcome card it does suggest a similar reevaluation process as depicted in the 4 of swords.  I see the Wand of the Ace as the tree which supports the man. There are choices ahead of him and no matter what he chooses, the lessons of the WORLD card will come to pass.  The person getting the reading will have the rays of the sun instead of the lightning of the TOWER card to experience the ending of one particular cycle which can involve a situation or an inner process.


3 thoughts on “Overview of Tarot

  1. Hello SQ 🙂

    I feel I should introduce myself since I do spend some time reading the posts and gaining so much from it. I am very much indebted to you in some respect with the knowledge you have parted on the Lenormand and also the tarot- I have picked some very valuable insight which has improved my understanding and how I view the cards specifically.

    Incidentally– I actually started learning the Lenormand meanings from your site before joining the study group- I wish you many many happy days and writings here as I very much look forward to any bursts of tarot and oracle card gems..


  2. Hello Stormy,

    Thank you very much for your kind words. I am deeply touched by your comments and want to express my gratitude to you for taking the time to write.

    I think your blog is very creative and your insightful talents can be felt through your posts.
    We have a powerful bond through our love of cartomancy. 🙂

    Madame Seaqueen.

  3. Hello SQ 🙂

    I am so pleased you like my blog. I must be doing something right.. I hope we have many many stimulating interactions with our mutual fascination on our favourite topic- cartomancy..



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