Consolation + 3 of Wands


sibilla della zingara deck

Consolation is an interesting card in that the imagery shows a gentleman sitting on a red bench.  He has stopped reading his book and is gazing outwards towards the sky at the Angel of Abundance.  In the background you can see 1 single ship depicting desires and yearnings.

The Angel holds a bag of money and a branch of freshly cut foliage.   What is the gentleman wishing for and why does he need to be comforted?

This card is filled with optimism and wherever it falls it blesses the surrounding cards with a promise of fulfillment.  The book on the table could be a financial ledger and the man is worried that he cannot pay his bills.  It might be a story he is reading that has touched his heart and reflects back to his own experience.

The branch could be a part of the budding staff seen in the 3 of wands.   The Angel has come to remind the man that he needs to still his mind and heart. He is reassured that the situation has set sail so to speak and the journey to the destination of his desires has begun.  

Within the CONSOLATION card is a decision making process as well and the hope that all will turn out OK.  It reminds me of the 3 of wands in the Tarot.

In the Tarot, the individual holds onto 1 of the upright flowering wands.  This represents a decision that has been made.  He looks out to the sea and watches the boats at a distance from him as well as the mountains of limitations.

Esoterically, the gray mountains represent wise choices.  

The CONSOLATION card tells you to keep your eyes open for signs and the synchronicity of events.                     

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