Sibilla della Zingara

The Gypsy Oracle Cards / Sibilla della Zingara / Oraculo de la Gitana / Sibylle de la Bohemienne / Zigeuner Orakelkarten.  The 52 cards have meanings written on them in 5 languages – English, Italian, Spanish, French and Dutch.  This is in keeping with many of the sibilla style decks.  Personally I like the black border around each card because it helps to bring out the image.  The English version on the top of the card is surrounded by a black background.  It is difficult to make out the name unless you bring the card very close to you but of course you will most likely recognize the image.

The size is the same as the Vera Sibilla Italiana and has almost the same feel to it in as far as the artistic imagery.  There are a few variations of cards but in essence they are identical.

I had a wonderful and informative comment from “Axi” regarding this deck.  Check it out HERE.

In the image below you can see these cards in the Simple Elements Layout

It is read the same way as the Vera Sibilla deck as in the previous post

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