Study Layout using Vera Sibilla Italiana


The Simple Elements Layout using the one of the Sibilla decks.

QUESTION: Will B. get a promotion?

CARD #1Current thoughts. The card that falls in this spot will reveal to you where the energy of your thoughts is. It does not matter which [way] you selected to do this reading.

IL LADRO 10 of Diamonds. (Thief)

This card is common in the sibilla style decks. When it falls in this first spot it suggests that B. is in a negative frame of mind regarding the promotion that he wants. He is thinking of all things that could go wrong instead of focusing on what could go right. The Ladro card is indicating that B. is feeling much low self esteem at this time and he is hiding his insecurities by putting on a daring front.

B. needs to change his attitude or he will attract the possible theft of his promotion by not getting it.

CARD #2Your feelings. The second card will expose the emotions going on. The feelings can range.

PRIGIONE 9 of Spades. (Prison)

Another common card among the sibilla style decks. This card is suppose to reflect B.’s emotions surrounding his question. As you can see in the image he is chained to a pillar. The Prigione card is warning B. that his feelings are self defeating. He must change his outlook and fast. The first 2 cards are colored in darkness where there should be optimism. B.’s emotions are holding him captive and if he ever thought that he would get a promotion with his head dragging on the ground filled with self doubt- it would truly be a miracle.

CARD #3Plan of action. The card that has been placed here will provide options or a suggestive energy to apply directly connected to cards #1 & #2. This is what you should do. Depending on which card falls here, a way to the solution will be shown. If you see a card of inaction and you do not change that then do not be surprised if the result in card #4 is negative or not to your liking. Of course there are times when no action is the best course but you will have to intuitively determine that yourself.

ALLEGRIA 9 of Clubs. (merriment)

Ahh finally, a more positive card. The advice of Allegria is to loosen up and to stop worrying about the promotion. Go out and have a good time. Obviously, B. should give his own head a good shake and start to think more optimistically. He should actually be anticipating a reason for celebration.

Card #3 provides options or a suggestive energy to apply directly connected to cards #1 & #2. This is what you should do. B. has to lift the veil of his own poor attitude and to  utilize the advice of card 3.

CARD #4What can happen. The last card is the result, outcome or probable solution. Here you will find what happens when you apply action coupled with emotions regarding something on your mind. The previous cards will be very beneficial to you because within each card is a promise for success regardless if initially it appears negative. You have a choice in most areas of your life. This card will show you the by-product of your efforts.

L’AMANTE Jack of Hearts. (Lover)

It looks like B. will be playing at his own celebration. L’amante promises a good outcome. It will not be the exact results he was hoping for in so far as the promotion. The reason I am saying this is because in the image he is awaiting his sweetheart to come to the window or door. He is serenading the object of his love. This means the promotion is not complete and he will still have to do some fancy foot work to get where he really wants to be. Or perhaps play the song his boss wants. 🙂

It looks like B. will take the advice of card #3 which will lead him to the materialization of card #4

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