Gypsy Oracle Cards

Oraculo de La Gitana   (Gypsy Oracle Cards) came out earlier this year, in February.  They are  created by Lo Scarabeo & the publisher is Llewellyn.  At first I hesitated on getting this 52 card deck.  I have not had a chance to  review the cards or do a layout with them.  I don’t expect any huge surprises other than some different assigned names for some cards.  But I do like the color scheme of the artwork.

I prefer to keep the Sibilla style decks I own to a minimum because they  are duplicates of the original Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten mixed with a bit of Kipperkarten and a dash of the Lenormand.

Once you get the knack of reading one of these style decks, others are easier to comprehend as well.

The real challenge is to learn a completely new type of deck like the Symbolon or  Rainring.                

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13 thoughts on “Gypsy Oracle Cards

  1. Very nice site! I found it through my blog stats and noticed that your “Possibly related posts” list automatically generated a link to one of my entries about “Ask Your Guides” oracle cards. I’ll definitely have to stop by more often!

  2. Greeting Mdme. Seaqueen!

    I was curious, how would you compare the art deco cards? Do you feel they are like a sibilla deck? I was so glad to see your views about the sibilla. I have often wondered if any of the assorted fortune telling decks had common roots.


  3. Hello Carol
    Thank you for your comment compliment The “possibly related posts” is a nifty little extra from WordPress which allows bloggers to connect through common themes.
    Thanks for stopping in.
    Madame Seaqueen

  4. Hello Contessa,
    Thank you for your comment.

    I was planning to do a post comparing this “new” sibilla deck with the Art Deco deck. I think that it is important to understand that the kinship with all these styles of decks is tightly woven like a tapestry.

    I am working on another post right now about the small Lenormand to reference some observations you had in another comment. My creative projects are many and it’s all a matter of making time to do all that I want to.
    Please stop by again. Madame Seaqueen.

  5. Dear Seaqueen,

    gorgeous site indeed! My best compliments…
    I read you since 2006, and your work is really great.
    I’ll try to send you some italian methods to telling fortune with ordinary playing cards, when I’ll get some time to make it!

    Just to focus that…
    I’m italian, my name is Axi and this deck is another reprint made by Scarabeo Publ. (you may find it on italian market since 80’s, named “Sibilla della zingara”= Gipsy Sibilla, with another – and, in my opinion, really best – printing, old-style like, without these graphically horrible black lines under the picture with 4- foreign languages meanings!) of an original old Piedmontese or Milanese deck Art Déco style, whose meanings are the same as the traditional Masenghini “Vera sibilla” deck. There’s no substantial difference between Vera Sibilla and this one, even if some pictures are slightly different. It’s a real Sibilla-deck style, not Lennie-Style, nor Zigeuner-Style. No cards meaning of this deck is really associated with Lennie – method, which is not so popular and known in Italy.

    Italian cartomancy is usually Vera Sibilla-based and, above all, Tarot-based. Secondarily, it may concern the use of ordinary 40-playing cards decks with a great deal of different methods, which may vary from town to town. The Zigeuner deck is not so diffused here and it has a very limited use in Northern area, particularly in Trieste and boundaries where Modiano publisher prints a very popular and best-selling 52 deck named “Le carte della fortuna” (Good Luck cards), directly derived from the 36 or 32 Austro-Hungarian Wahrsagen deck.

    Serb and Croatian readers in Trieste, too, are very able to use it since XVII century in order to fortune telling. In these lands, there are still a lot of ancient traditions about fortune telling with 32-deck playing cards, Skat-Style, from Austria.

    Recently, indeed, I have to remark a quite good and rising interest for Lennie and Zigeuner decks. Maybe the tarot-based and traditional Sibilla systems are not so “quick and easy” as italian readers like…

    Greetings from Italy
    Sincerly Yours,


  6. Hello Axi,

    (blush) Your compliments are truly uplifting. I appreciate your comment with all the rich information. Thank you so much. I will quote you in an upcoming post, when I do a layout using the Sibilla Della Zingara (Gypsy Oracle Cards)because I think your information will benefit many other people.

    Thank you again.
    Madame Seaqueen

  7. Every time it’s a real pleasure reading you, Seaqueen.
    I’ll be happy to post here some italian interesting traditional methods… just a little because I have to translate’em all!…

    I’m really grateful to your experience and competence, because in these years I learnt a lot about Lennie-deck here (I adore it… I’m a good hobby-reader…), much more than in other sites and (rare: here in Italy there’s just one book, not so satisfying in my opinion, made by Sheila, a French reader) books!

    My experience with Lennie deck is simple and clear. I use since 2006 and I have had many excellent results (I use tarot, too, since 1999!). I think it’s a very sensible and flexibile one, somewhat “witchy” and more “psychologically involving” than the other Sibilla decks, less “gossiping”, in a way, and more serious, whose combinations may vary from time to time and whose meanings depend on the layout, but above all on the feelings you may feel in these special reading.

    This is the reason why I’m always very cautious in order to evaluate the single combinations you may find in a layout… and I try not to be rigid!

    Here in Venice we say: “Continua così!” which may be translated as “…Go on!”
    It’s my best wish for you.
    Have a nice day (Now, I come back to my job… ;-))))

  8. i am having difficulties with this oracle, as there is no interpretations on the booklet, i purchased a book on amzon and it turned out to be rubbish, it just doesnt have proper interpretations

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, I agree some of these types of Sibilla decks have little interpretation in the LWB or don’t even come with an explanation. I think the reason for this is that the Reader is suppose to look at the images and a tell a story from a “gut feeling”.
      I like to nickname this type of deck – the gossip cards 🙂
      Madame Seaqueen

  9. Thank you for this thread. I’ve been hearing the word “cards, cards, cards” for the last couple of days and was unable to find my reg. JW Deck. Finally, after needing a much needed break from work I went to the bookstore and picked these up just because the title drew me. I was very pleased with the cards and hoped to find a guide but Jozefa’s recent response tells me what I suspected — use my gut, the messages are clear with the images, and go with that. To determine time…pull another card and count something on it that is repeated. Hmm…very interesting stuff what one ‘gets’ when lead.

    Thank you for the helpful site.

  10. Hi Sankofa,
    Thank you for the comment.
    I’d like to suggest getting a blank booklet and designating 1 page to each card. Write down about 3 key words or phrases which resonate with you about the card. Use your own meanings when doing a layout. You can add to your page later. Using the images is a very good way too. Happy cartomany. Seaqueen

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