Marriage question using Lenormand

The Simple 6 card layout is used to illustrate the question. Male B. is the seeker of the Lenormand session. Layouts need not be complicated- keep it simple. You can replace the past, present, future rows with other identifications, such as, decision made/results of decision/how will my decision affect me…. and so on.

Question: Will B get married?

PAST– top 2 cards. LETTER + CROSS

27. LETTER – Covers a vast amount of areas –the written word. Easy enough to figure out by looking at the nearby cards. News, announcements, memos etc. Coupled with the BIRDS card juicy gossip. With the PARK card an invitation to a gathering or party. Near the CROSS card- disturbing news. When the SCYTHE & COFFIN cards are involved – obituary.

36. CROSS – A test. Related to Karmic situations. It’s a sure thing. In the positive aspects of this card there is a promise of completion. Describes something important. Coupled with the HOUSE card- negative news approaches regarding a family member. With the Moon card –profound thoughts. Near the SHIP card- a trip out of necessity.

.B received some important news in the recent past regarding his question about marriage. It appears as though there has been a final commitment (CROSS)or some type of resolution which has put an end to the many questions in his mind. Maybe the wedding invitations (LETTER)were just sent or an appointment has been made with a religious official. The CROSS card can represent a church as well.

PRESENT– middle 2 cards. HEART + ANCHOR

24. HEART- The positive emotional level, however it is influenced greatly by surrounding cards. The love department in a person’s life. Good cards nearby reinforce the strength of feelings contained within. Affection, caring. As a person (Jack of Hearts) suggests a romantic or potential love interest. Coupled with the GENTLEMAN card will describe a love-filled individual. Near the CROSS card- a Karmic affair with a fated feeling. With the DOG card-doesn’t get much better –utmost loyalty in love.

35. ANCHOR – What you do for a living. Strengthens neighboring cards so that there is more security. Finding the target or goal. As a characteristic, someone who is dependable. Coupled with the WHIP card will indicate 2 jobs. With the MOUSE card –loss of position.

.In the current state surrounding B there is a strong suggestion that love is here to stay. The ANCHOR card reinforces the power of the love within the HEART card. There still is some work (ANCHOR) to do and that is understandable as there is a wedding to plan.

FUTURE– bottom 2 cards. LADY + HOUSE

29. LADY- Female seeker of cards. The partner of the male getting the reading. When the GENTLEMAN & LADY cards fall in the “now” spot the suggestion is that these 2 people will see each other (if living apart) or be caught up in an important situation. Coupled with the MOON card- an emotional personality. With the MOUNTAIN card-unable to express feelings.When the BOOK card is beside either of these two cards & falling in the future spots, it can indicate meeting someone new especially if the CHILD card is involved. With the STORK card- return of a former lover or friend.

4. HOUSE = Wherever you live. When this card is beside the SHIP it can suggest a houseboat or trailer. Matters concerning the family members. A father or head of the household (King of Cups). Property.

.These two cards are suppose to answer the question. Lucky for B, his special LADY falls in the future spot. This is a very good omen as far as “people showing up in the future”. She is thinking about wanting a family (HOUSE) and all the wonderful things that go along with that. Her feelings of love a deep and unwavering. It looks like daddy (King of Cups) will lend a helping hand in all the preparations to come. Often parents do not or can not participate in a wedding. Yes it looks affirmative for B to get married.

4 thoughts on “Marriage question using Lenormand

  1. Hi Seaqueen

    I really enjoy your blog and would love to know which Lenormand deck you use in this reading please?


  2. Hello Nina,
    Thank you for your kind words and for reading my blog.

    The Lenormand deck featured in this post is called the Mlle. Lenormand Cartomacy deck No. 191115. Made in Austria by PIATNIK.
    It is one of the more colorful decks. Sometimes this deck is on auction at Ebay.

    Madame Seaqueen.

  3. Thank you, Seaqueen. I’ve been searching, but still haven’t been able to find it. I can find a Piatnik, but it sure doesn’t look as colourful as yours.


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