King of Swords

The court cards are often confusing and it is often a challenge to identify who exactly is represented by the card. Often courts only depict situation and not people.  Many times both levels of interpretation a valid.  In my own experience I have seen it all,  in the Tarot layouts.  

The King of Swords will be featured in this post.

I find that the Robin Wood king can trigger emotional responses in a person even if they do not know what the associated meanings are.  

Wood’s image captures the power of the King of Swords. When I see this card in a layout it makes me stop & really think about the question I asked. 

Notice how he has his arms folded across his heart area suggesting that there is a “forced” control over the emotions. Robin writes about some of the symbolism of this card in Wood’s accompanying book .  

Who can the King of Swords be in a layout?  

He can represent “you” when you are in charge of a situation or when you need to get some control over yourself as well.  He reminds you that now is not the time to be wishy washy or to have your head in the clouds.  

Notice  the clouds on his robe.  This clearly depicts just how in control he is.  His head is way above the clouds and not in them.   If you are not certain how to interpret the King of Swords, try to visualize yourself in his place.  What are you thinking? What is it that you need to get done?  

Brace yourself, you are about to sit on a swing in the adult playground.

I place the swords suit with the Air signs of the Zodiac as I do with the spades from the standard playing cards.  He belongs to the cardinal sign of Libra (rules 7th house of partnerships, agreements, contracts, unions).  Libra is about fairness and justice.  There are no emotions in law.

If you are trying to determine what situation the King is representing it would most likely be about something professional such as legal matters (not always pertaining to law, either), dealing with important leaders in the community or being involved in a situation which requires strict discipline and an outlay of responsibility.

The King of Swords has a shadow side which does not make it’s appearance unless there are other supporting cards. He can represent an “enemy” like an ex husband, abusive father, a pimp, a powerful person with a “chip” on their shoulder – you know the kind I mean. 

The King of Swords is loyal and a no nonsense type of male.  He has the know how to run things  in a smooth, peaceful but forceful manner.

If you are a female and have met someone that fits the King’s description, the best way to his heart is through honesty, intellectual choices and respect.  (he likes sensuality displayed in a conservative manner, so save the hard core sexy lingerie for later … much later)

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