Whip #11 Lenormand combinations

Playing Card – Jack of Clubs

The Lenormand Whip card represents many different traditional meanings such as conflict, aggressive behaviour, heated discussions, debates, arguments or a younger dark haired male who is found in the business world.

Some suggested combinations for this card are as follows:  ————>

– Lady or gentleman: representing the person getting their cards done.  The individual can be wound up about some situation which can been seen through nervous or combative dialogue.

-Ring: relationship problems, issues with arranging a contractual agreement, a commitment with a male who is found in the business arena

– Lily: An inexperienced male get a lecture from (King Spades) someone who is a peacemaker.

– Home: Family upset.  A father and son-in-law.

– Fish: Professional financial disturbances.  Having to fight to get a loan approved.

– Cloud: Deep fears. A father and son have a strained relationship

– Stork: Don’t get too smug, a shift of direction is coming

– Path: The only way to win, is to walk away, far away in another direction

– Snake: A mother and son.  Two business associates or coworkers have a personality conflict

– Child: A battle of wits.  2 males get into a head on confrontation.

– Heart – Jealousy, green eyed monster surfaces.  Strong feels for /or from a younger male.

– Ship:  It’s tough to stop the escalating problems.

– Dog: a hostile friendship.  Stop abusing your friend or visa versa 

– Book: The skeleton is in the closet and will remain there.

– Anchor: The debate is work related.  There is no solution to this situation.

– Coffin: A painful ending that is filled with anger.  An deal goes bad.  

– Fox:  A spy.  Someone is watching your every move.  

– Mountain: Issues with a powerful enemy such as the person who is after you job or partner.

– Letter: Negative news.  An email that sets you off.

– Tree: Health related setbacks, a migraine.  A blow to the head.

– Birds: Gossip of the worst kind.  Picking someone apart.

+ Tower: Trouble with people in authority, like a boss or supervisor.  Getting judged.


3 thoughts on “Whip #11 Lenormand combinations

  1. Ouch. I’ve been trying out my Lenormand Cards with your Trigger Layout, over the past couple of weeks… the one I tried this morning, has the Whips and Coffin ahead of me (Lady) in the layout. House is to the left of me. I didn’t know whether to think of it as an ending to conflict that I’ve recently experienced, or if it would mean more arguments and a painful ending… I can see that happening outside of my home, unfortunately, but I’ll take that over a painful ending here.

    Bouquet was in the last card, in the bottom left-hand corner, under Coffin. I wasn’t sure if that would offset most of the negativity, and bring some peace – something I’ve been hoping for – or if that was a confirmation of goodwill coming to an end (Tower was at the top). I’ve made a note of everything, and will check it all in a week… I had Tree above me, and Sun below me – I fell asleep out in the sunshine, and slept for hours (sleep and relaxation that was desperately needed).

  2. Hello Angela,

    Thanks for all your comments. In order to make any comments I would have to lay the cards out and study them. Time permits only for a few tips on the cards in the 1st comment.

    You have brought up some great conclusions yourself.

    I would read WHIP+COFFIN to mean an ending of conflict in many respects but not a complete ending as the COFFIN does depict beginnings as well. The BOUQUET card often brings a gentler vibration. The TREE above shows a tangled situation which promises a resolution (SUN) but most importantly a different attitude and approach.

    Madame Seaqueen.

  3. Thank you. 🙂 I’m already feeling much better about things. I read your most recent post, and I totally agree with it… I’ve been watching my own attitude, and have used my tarot cards to navigate difficult circumstances over the past four years. I’m trying to use my Lenormand cards to do the same, and am taking notes to see what actually happens in relation to the cards pulled, and what’s going on in my life; they help me to pull back and look at situations with a clearer head. Asking “will this really matter, in five/twenty years” helps a lot, too. 😉

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